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Bitcasa Sets the Bar Higher

For high-tech giants like Google and Amazon, using top-notch technology for software automation testing to help ensure product quality is routine. But for many startups in growth mode, this aspect of product development is either never considered or simply seen as aspirational.

Although we are a startup, product quality is a top priority at Bitcasa so QA automation is a requirement. For example, automation allows us to test application layers to make sure our APIs are working as designed. There is no other way to test the application layer effectively. If we only test from the UI level, it’s partial testing which is not an option for us.

Our QA Automation Team writes programs that simulate user behavior directly on the API layer. User interfacing software connects to a huge application later that users don’t see. By plugging requests into the APIs, we’re able to mimic user actions without touching the UI. This is a critical step to ensure Bitcasa partners and their customers get a high-quality user experience.

Performance, load and stress testing are part of our automation. Together, they help us to determine the health of our platform builds.

Performance tests:

It’s always a challenge to know precisely how many users simultaneously connect to Bitcasa and call APIs. To solve for this, we’ve created a program that simulates thousands of calls at the same time. The automation software generates thousands of calls coming from the UI to the application layer to measure speed of our traffic when we’re loaded. This helps us discover when the system slows down.

Load tests:

The load test makes sure our system can handle a certain amount of traffic. The number is determined from PRD. But rather than just running those numbers, our QA Automation Team might double or triple that number.

Stress tests:

Where does the system break? How many users can call in before there’s real trouble? The stress test is critical to complete the automation software testing. This is a different approach from the prior tests, so the goals are different and the results of the testing are different.

The success of our partners and the satisfaction level of their customers ultimately drives our business. That’s why we’ve committed to  state-of-the-art automation testing. And also why we hire QA engineers who are multi-skilled and understand all different platforms and productions, including iOS, Windows and mobile products. With our focus on recruiting top-notch engineers and product quality, our partners reap the benefits.


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Aug 24 2015

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Bitcasa Tech, Cloud storage

Samsung to Bitcasa: Let’s Take Our Relationship to the Next Level

Korean tech giant, Samsung (you may have heard of them) has been flirting with Bitcasa for just under a year now. We began the relationship in August 2013 with a deal that meant Bitcasa’s Windows 8 app was pre-loaded on Samsung ATIV PCs with a free two-month subscription to Bitcasa.

From there, the relationship flourished and it wasn’t long before we were being pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO devices, and offering customers three months of free storage.

Today, we took our relationship with Samsung to the next level with Bitcasa apps now pre-loaded on Samsung Windows 8.1 devices worldwide, and new Samsung customers receiving 50GB of free Bitcasa cloud storage for two years.


Why are mobile providers, like Samsung, so smitten with Bitcasa?

Samsung is an innovator, and is always looking for what’s next. As consumers begin using more devices – mobiles, tablets, smart-watches, etc. the migration of the hard drive to the cloud is inevitable.

While other file sync and share services have been around for some time, they were never designed as hard drive replacement, and lack security features to enable consumers to store important documents and files in the cloud.

Bitcasa was not built with file sync and share in mind; it was designed to replace the hard drive entirely. With this in mind, security and accessibility were key priorities in the development of the service.

In contrast to other cloud storage services that encrypt on the server, Bitcasa encrypts your data on the client-side, so that it is secure before it’s even sent to the cloud. The user-controlled encryption means that not even Bitcasa is able to see your data, it is completely private.

Last week we became the first popular cloud storage service to store data in the region of the user, extending our commitment to user privacy. This means our users in Europe and Asia have their data store in their region, not the United States. Our competitors may cache data in-region, but they will ultimately send your data back to the United States where it is subject to U.S law and surveillance practices.

To create seamless integration with devices, Bitcasa uses smart-caching technology that ensures the files you use most frequently are easily accessible, while our streaming and media transcoding capabilities give you the ability to stream a range of content and file types from your Bitcasa Drive.

Being the creator of innovative devices, large and small, Samsung knows that the hard drive of the future will reside in the cloud. By extending their relationship with Bitcasa, Samsung is helping customers ensure their data is secure and accessible wherever and however they want it.


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Jun 24 2014

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Bitcasa News, Bitcasa Tech

New Windows & Mac Updates!

Over the last month, our team has been working hard to stabilize and improve the performance of our Infinite Drive for Windows and Mac desktops.

Just released, the updated Windows and Mac desktop clients are now available for download on our website at We will also be pushing an in-app upgrade notification for all Mac users (Windows users should already have received a notification). With these updates you can expect faster upload and download times, and an overall improvement in performance and stability across the board.

Windows updates include:

  • Boosted Explorer performance

  • Faster performance when uploading concurrently from multiple machines

  • Optimized cache to make it faster and more responsive, especially for large or full caches

  • Improved performance on large copy jobs

  • File uploads from local cache will continue if Bitcasa is interrupted

  • Fixes Windows issue with displaying Mirrored drives named with a colon (i.e. “E:” will now display “E Drive” and be accessible from all Windows operating systems)

  • Ability to change your device’s name via the “Settings” menu

Mac updates include:

  • Major stability and performance improvements across the board

  • Improved performance on large copy jobs

  • Boosted Finder performance

  • Faster performance when uploading concurrently from multiple machines

  • Optimized cache to make it faster and more responsive, especially for large or full caches

We realize for many of you have been waiting for this, so thank you for your patience and continued support.


[UPDATE: Mac users — if you experience an issue upgrading the Mac client, just delete the “Bitcasa” app from your Applications folder and run the latest version downloaded from Don’t worry, all your data and settings will be perfectly safe!]

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May 16 2013


Bitcasa News, Bitcasa Tech, Mac

New Features for Windows and Android

At Bitcasa, we’re constantly working to build the world’s best storage solution. We’ve made a few changes, and hope you enjoy them!

We just released updates to our Mac Desktop and iOS App, featuring significantly improved performance and fixed a few quirks. Downloads and uploads are now much faster!

Windows Desktop
Windows XP is fully supported with this latest update. You also have greater control over how folders are mirrored.

Android App
You can upload any file on your phone to any Bitcasa folder and upload multiple files at once via the “Share” with Bitcasa menu. The folders view also supports file deletion and a few tweaks to improve battery consumption.


More changes are coming soon so keep an eye out! As always, if you have any questions or issues head over to Support, and we’d be happy to help. Thanks!

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Feb 14 2013


Android, App Update, iOS