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Bitcasa: Coming to a TV near you!

chromecast With the world becoming increasingly connected, it only makes sense that you should be able to see what you want, where you want, on what device/screen you want. At Bitcasa, we’re committed to making all your content-viewing dreams come true… one device at a time. Today, we’re excited to share that our latest Android update will include our first step towards full Chromecast support. We are enabling cast for videos and music in addition to providing a few core controls: pause, play and volume adjustment. What does that really mean? It means you can now stream any of the content stored in your Bitcasa account, to your TV via Chromecast. Want to broadcast your son or daughter’s embarrassing baby pictures during her birthday party? Done! Want to reminisce over that time you sang “Baby Got Back” at a karaoke bar? Done! When it comes to sharing and viewing content with your friends and family, mobile and PC just don’t cut the mustard. Now you can sit back, relax, bring out the popcorn and view your content the way it should be viewed, reliving your best-captured moments on TV! Because your cat deserves to be admired in HD! As you try out the first iteration of Bitcasa’s Chromecast support, we’d love to hear from you so that we can integrate your feedback into our plans for a more immersive casting experience.
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Apr 22 2014


Android, Bitcasa News

Ch-ch-changes! Android App Gets an Update

Android users, it’s time to update your Bitcasa app! We’ve just released a new and improved version of the Bitcasa mobile app which means better usability and increased performance for you!

These changes make organizing, browsing, sharing and enjoying your digital files a breeze, while getting access to the same infinite and secure storage you love. create folder multiselect sort So what’s new? With the new Android app users will enjoy:
  • Added “Export” ability so you can download files anywhere on your device

  • Option to sort files alphabetically and chronologically

  • Ability to swipe left to right through photos in “My Drive,” “Recents” and “Favorites” view

  • Ability to hit next/previous while listening to music in “My Drive,” “Recents” and “Favorites” view

  • Multi-select capabilities for  Android V3.0+

  • The ability to create a new folder in “My Drive” view to organize files

  • Play entire albums if a single track is selected from music album view

  • Improved search, stability and performance and more!

An enhanced mobile experience is just moments away. Download Bitcasa’s Mobile App for Android (Version 2.1.0) from the Google Play Store or click “Update” in the app store, and let us know what you think.
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Sep 10 2013


Android, App Update, Bitcasa News

Ready, Set, Go! Bitcasa Takes on the World

Hard drives, sync solutions and others, beware! Today we’re launching a new version of Bitcasa that will transform the mobile experience and extend our global reach. From performance enhancements to international support, these updates set a new standard for storing, accessing and sharing your content. It will undoubtedly lead to the demise of hard drives worldwide and bring us one step closer to storing the world’s data—are you ready?

Hablas español?

Is English not your first language? Don’t worry because Bitcasa is your new multilingual friend! From your browser to your app, Bitcasa now fluently speaks 11 languages including English-US, English-UK, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Japanese and Korean. Bitcasa automatically sets your language based on your computer or phone. Voilà!

Mobile Makeover

Not only is Bitcasa’s new iOS and Android mobile experience beautiful and sleek, it’s also secure and intuitive. With a sidebar menu and smart search option visible on every page, navigation is a breeze.  Sort files by name and date to quickly find that new song you’ve just uploaded or old video you want to watch. Have a new picture you want to share? All of your recently added and viewed files are bookmarked right on the home screen! The new mobile app also makes life easier with the option to make payments directly from your device.

New Android Homescreen


New iOS Homescreen

iOS The ONLY cloud storage that is truly private

Hesitant about prying eyes viewing your files? Well, we’re beefing up your mobile security. In addition to our existing client-side encryption that makes it cryptographically impossible for anyone else to see your stuff, you can now also set a Passcode Lock on our mobile apps so you never have to worry about unwelcomed eyes accessing your files on your phone and tablet.

Time to Get Organized

Drag and drop. How much simpler can it get? With the new browser file management, you can upload files by dragging any file directly into your browser. You can also create, rename and share your files and folders directly at Now if only organizing your house was that easy! Don’t forget, you can stream your music and videos from the web without any wait time or making space to download files.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the new desktop version of Bitcasa today at or download our Bitcasa app at Google Play or Apple store.  We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Also, in celebration of our official entry into Europe, Bitcasa will be offering a special 20-percent discount of £55/€60 for a year of Infinite Storage to our new international users. This special introductory price will be available through August 31, 2013 when international users enter the promotional code: UKEU20. Just sign up here.

Never run out of space again!
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Jul 23 2013


Android, App Update, Bitcasa News, Desktop Apps, iOS

Latest Android Updates – Backup, Access & Share Your Files from Any Device

Today, we’re rolling out a makeover to our Android app with new some great new features and performance updates, all based on what we heard from you.

A shiny new face

We’ve added a more intuitive home screen design with easier navigation.

new home screen 2013-05-30-17-42-51

Don’t use the home screen? Now you have the option to bypass it and go straight to “My Drive” every time! Make this simple change in Settings.

Even easier to find and share

Photo albums are now sorted by date (recent – oldest), so you can instantly find your recently uploaded snaps. We have also made our share links shorter for easy sending via SMS, email, and more!

Don’t like your latest pics?  You now have the ability to easily delete files within sub-category views (“Photos”, “Videos”, “Documents”, etc.).

delete within photos view_2013-06-06-14-57-36

Easier access to your Favorite stuff

Enjoy easier access to any files you need offline from any device you have. Our popular “Favorite” feature has been added to the quick action menu in “My Drive” view along with better “star” icons to indicate Favorites in both list and tile view. It gets better, “Favorited” items now show up while downloading, with progress bars!

And one of the updates we’re most excited about is that you can “Favorite” your ENTIRE music and photo albums, for quick access to folders while you’re offline whether you’re on the bus, travelling or in a Wi-Fi free zone.

Visibility into uploads

We have added an “Upload Manager” page to view and track in-progress uploads, cancel uploads, view completed uploads, and resume failed uploads, so you can rest assured that you have successfully “Bitcasa’d it.” This upload feedback can also be seen within “My Drive” view when uploading.

Check out the updates and let us know what you think! iOS users, stay tuned – we’ll be rolling out updates to the iOS platform next.

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Jun 07 2013


Android, App Update, Bitcasa News, Bitcasa Tech

Video Tips for Your IOS and Android

Interested in the video playback features of your Infinite Drive? Check out these tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Bitcasa streaming experience.
  1. If you play music and videos on your iPhone or iPad, you can also enjoy them on the big screen! Simply use AirPlay to stream your music and videos to your AppleTV.

  2. You can now watch your videos in full HD within the Android app – take advantage of your fast connection by opening your videos with the “Stream with” menu option. You’ll now enjoy your video in full HD! Note that Bitcasa Android app typically transcodes your videos (we are working hard to ensure we can transcode each movie type!) to save bandwidth, but if this is not an issue, you can get a better viewing experience in seconds.

  3. If you use the VLC video player, you can increase its network cache timing from 10ms to 1000ms so that you receive a much smoother streaming experience. Simple as that!

  4. By “Favoriting” files you can access a local copy instantly while offline and in full quality. So it no longer matters where you’re viewing your files…and it guarantees the best quality viewing experience. Play your videos and music offline on the bus, train, or plane! When you’re done, just “Remove from Favorites” to remove the local copy and free up space!

We designed Bitcasa in such a way that your computer thinks your files are on a local hard drive, which means any application can access your files. We are making it possible for you to be able to instantly stream any video or music file to your PC or mobile device.

Let us know if you have any questions. Also, watch this video and see for yourself how easy it is to add and stream HD videos.


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Apr 15 2013


App Update, Questions and tips

New Features for Windows and Android

At Bitcasa, we’re constantly working to build the world’s best storage solution. We’ve made a few changes, and hope you enjoy them! We just released updates to our Mac Desktop and iOS App, featuring significantly improved performance and fixed a few quirks. Downloads and uploads are now much faster! Windows Desktop Windows XP is fully supported with this latest update. You also have greater control over how folders are mirrored. Android App You can upload any file on your phone to any Bitcasa folder and upload multiple files at once via the “Share” with Bitcasa menu. The folders view also supports file deletion and a few tweaks to improve battery consumption. android More changes are coming soon so keep an eye out! As always, if you have any questions or issues head over to Support, and we’d be happy to help. Thanks!
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Feb 14 2013


Android, App Update, iOS