Investing in the Future of Bitcasa

People’s stuff has become increasingly digital: the number of photos, videos, documents, and other files are exploding. And as the amount of personal data continues to grow, people need a home to safely store all of these digital belongings. That’s why we’re committed to designing The Bitcasa Platform with YOU at the center, making your digital belongings infinitely useful, infinitely accessible and infinitely private.

We strongly believe in our vision for the future, so we’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $11 million in funding! This funding will be used to accelerate product development — particularly around new usability features — and quickly scale to meet the growing international demand.

These days people don’t always have control of their own digital belongings, or know how to store them in a way that’s affordable, private and accessible. Bitcasa is here to solve that, making your data easy to store, share and use!

Stay tuned for updates as we continue investing in The Bitcasa Platform!




Keep Your Data Safe from Halloween Ghouls

Are you haunted by thoughts of losing your digital belongings? The danger of data breaches and hard drive crashes lurks around threatening to spook all of those who don’t rely on Bitcasa.

Luckily for you, shielding your digital belongings from data loss demons is simpler than chanting protection spells. With Bitcasa you can sleep well knowing that all your favorite photos, videos, etc. won’t be taking a trip to the data graveyard!

Do any of these Hollywood horror taglines ring a bell from before you started using Bitcasa?

  • “…and remember, the next scream you hear may be your own!” – The Birds (1963)
    • Have you ever let out a blood-curdling scream from losing your digital belongings?
  • “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…” – Jaws 2 (1978)
    • Your smartphone took a swim, losing all of your precious family photos!
  • You must admit, you brought this on yourself.” – Funny Games (2008)
    • If you dare use a hard drive to backup personal data, losing it is inevitable!
  • “We all go a little mad sometimes.” – Psycho (1960)
    • Before Bitcasa, was attempting to share large files maddening?
  • “This is no dream! This is really happening!” – Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
    • When hard drives fail, we’ve all had the spine-chilling realization that our photos, music and videos are gone!

Losing all of your digital files can feel like a scene straight out of a scary movie. So this Halloween don’t be tricked, treat yourself to Bitcasa where your data is safe from all ghouls and goblins.


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Oh Snap! Bitcasa’s Enhanced Mobile App

We have more great updates for Bitcasa users who are on the go! With our updated iOS and Android apps, the mobile experience just got a whole lot sweeter.

These latest improvements mean mobile users can easily organize, move or delete content directly from their phone with ease! And iOS users can now share files with a simple text message and get their .gifs fix on with expanded support for media formats. For a list of other file formats we support check out this post.








For Android Users:

  • Option to “Export” or “Upload” your digital content from an external SD card to make transferring files to and from Bitcasa even easier
  • Added ability to “Move” files and folders via ‘Quick Action’ menu
  • Simple organization with multi-delete option
  • New “clear cache” feature to manage local space

 For iOS users:

  • Quickly organize content with added ability to “Move” files and folders and “Swipe” to delete
  • Share your files with others via text message
  • Awesome video transcoding allows you to ‘seek’ videos
  • View, open and enjoy .gifs!


On top of all these updates we’ve added multi-window functionality for all Samsung devices and made tons of bug fixes and performance improvements. So whether you use Android or iOS check out these updates and let us know what you think.

Bitcasa Makes “Progress” on the Desktop

The Bitcasa desktop experience just got better with new upload progress meters!

With the release our latest desktop apps for Mac and Windows, we’ve made an update to help give you better feedback on the progress of your uploads. We’ve also taken a major step forward in bug fixes and stability improvements, specifically around large file uploads. These updates will help keep you in the know about what is happening when you mirror your folders.

So what’s new for our desktop apps? With the latest updates, users will now enjoy:

  • New Mirroring upload progress bars to better display progress of Folder Mirror uploads for Mac and Windows users.

  • The ability to pause and cancel folder mirror jobs in progress

  • Smoother uploads for large files

Check out the individual release notes for Mac and Windows for more details.

What are you waiting for? Try the new desktop apps today and let us know what you think about these improvements!

Your Data Matters – It’s Time to Take Control

Let’s talk security.

Given that October marks National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we wanted to take a moment to reassert what your expectations for online privacy should be and Bitcasa’s commitment to exceeding them.

Sharing personal information online is woven into our daily lives–from paying bills and booking doctor appointments to uploading family videos and personal documents.  We are more interconnected today than ever before, and this has raised concerns about security.

This month’s goal is to build awareness to create a more resilient cyber environment, and to do so you have to take an active role. After all, it’s your data! It’s your precious family photos and personal documents, and you have the right to privacy.

 When people consider cloud storage security they often think first about the physical location. While this is important, the conversation needs to shift from where you’re storing the data to how you’re storing the data. After all, talking about cloud technologies is not the same as talking about where you store jewelry.

One of the unique things about Bitcasa is that your data is encrypted client-side.  Even if someone did enter our system, they could never reconstruct the files to see out what was stored inside — thus ensuring your privacy at all times. We don’t store files, only encrypted blocks of data.

Using our patented technology, these data blocks are encrypted on your computer (client side) before they are uploaded to Bitcasa. These encrypted data blocks are like an alphabet, and Bitcasa only stores the individual letters rather than whole words or sentences. This means only YOU can have access to YOUR data – the way it should be.

So this month, celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month by taking back control of your privacy. Know that your digital files on Bitcasa are private, protected and secure!

For a breakdown of Bitcasa’s security methods, check out our security overview here.

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Hi from Bitcasa’s New CEO – Brian Taptich

I’m extremely excited to share the news that I have been appointed as Bitcasa’s new CEO.  Bitcasa is on a path towards becoming the world’s fastest growing cloud storage company, and to be a part of shaping its journey is an amazing opportunity. Bitcasa is transforming the way people store, consume and share their digital life, reaching consumers around the world with availability in more than 13 languages. I look forward to building upon this success and working to propel Bitcasa forward.

As co-founder Tony Gauda steps down, he leaves behind an impressive legacy of innovation, an incredible team, and a business that is well positioned for growth. Our vision remains unchanged — to store the world’s data and offer consumers secure and infinite storage across all devices – and this will be a seamless transition with no impact on our service or how we store users’ data. We’ll continue to offer client-side encryption and uphold the highest standards of data security, all with unrivaled access.

The only change you can expect is that the Bitcasa you know and love is going to get even better and even more accessible. We have more work to do, so stay tuned.

Going forward, I’ll use this blog to keep you updated on our progress and other company developments. The entire team is truly excited about the possibilities for Bitcasa and the future of storage, and we are laser-focused on exceeding your expectations – so if you have ideas or feedback, I look forward to hearing them.


Brian Taptich (aka “Tap”)


Ch-ch-changes! Android App Gets an Update

Android users, it’s time to update your Bitcasa app! We’ve just released a new and improved version of the Bitcasa mobile app which means better usability and increased performance for you!

These changes make organizing, browsing, sharing and enjoying your digital files a breeze, while getting access to the same infinite and secure storage you love.

create folder multiselect sort

So what’s new? With the new Android app users will enjoy:

  • Added “Export” ability so you can download files anywhere on your device

  • Option to sort files alphabetically and chronologically

  • Ability to swipe left to right through photos in “My Drive,” “Recents” and “Favorites” view

  • Ability to hit next/previous while listening to music in “My Drive,” “Recents” and “Favorites” view

  • Multi-select capabilities for  Android V3.0+

  • The ability to create a new folder in “My Drive” view to organize files

  • Play entire albums if a single track is selected from music album view

  • Improved search, stability and performance and more!

An enhanced mobile experience is just moments away. Download Bitcasa’s Mobile App for Android (Version 2.1.0) from the Google Play Store or click “Update” in the app store, and let us know what you think.

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Our Web App has Gone Light!

send link manager

new video

Today we released a funky fresh new version of the Bitcasa Web App with a bright and light color theme and a smoother video experience. Check it out at:

For users who already love to use the Bitcasa Web App for playing videos, performance and feature updates should make frame rates and overall viewing significantly better.  You can now play virtually any format of video, and we’re giving you a new HD button to play back in any resolution you choose! You can also browse through videos to easily return to where you left off, or skip ahead to your favorite part (coming soon to the mobile apps).

Last but not least, you now have the ability to track all your “Send to a Friend” links, so you can easily find, resend or delete your links any time. View your links here:


The Bitcasa Team

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Bitcasa Goes Infinite in Asia – Japan Leads the Way!

Bitcasa Tokyo Press Conference


Bitcasa is taking the world by storm one continent at a time! To keep up with the worldwide demand for secure and unlimited storage, we’ve officially launched our Infinite Drive in Asia.

In our quest to bring you the best experience, we’re setting up shop in Tokyo with regional caching to support all of Asia to ensure fast file uploads and streaming performance. Our local caching coupled with language localization in Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Japanese and Korean means you can enjoy an even better native experience.

Our journey to solve the real-world problems of storage shortage, data loss and trapped user files began with our U.S. beta launch in 2011. Since then, our global user base has been on the rise with 15 percent of our users already based in Asia. Asia is one of our fastest growing markets, and we’re committed to supporting the region.

And what better way to celebrate our international growth than by rewarding our customers? We’re offering new users in Asia a 20% discount on an Infinite Drive subscription.  This special introductory price will be available through September 15, 2013 when users enter the promotional code: ASIA20.

So throw away your hard drives and download Bitcasa today. Never run out of space!


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If Photography or Music is Your Passion, We Have You Covered!

Spinning a new high-end mix? Photographing an engagement shoot? If you’re passionate about music, photography or design, our latest updates to the web portal were made with you mind!

We know that music aficionados embrace FLAC files because they maintain music’s integrity with no loss of quality. But these high fidelity formats can take up to six times the space of MP3 files! Now you don’t have to worry about running out of space. With Bitcasa’s added support for FLAC files plus our unlimited storage, you can stream & enjoy flawless music without worrying about space. Additional music types now supported include: “aac,” “f4a,” “m4a,” “mp3,” “oga,” “ogg,” “ac3,” “wav” and “wma.”

And for the photographers and graphic designers out there, we have some updates for you as well! You can now view RAW images on Much like FLAC, RAW images are the format of choice for many professional photographers, but they eat up space. With unlimited, secure storage — you can put those worries behind you.  RAW image types now supported include “3fr,” “arw,” “cr2,” “crw,” “dcr,” “dng,” “erf,” “kdc,” “mef,” “mrw,” “nef,” “orf,” “pef,” “raf,” “sr2″ and “x3f.”

We know that as photographers you’re responsible for protecting your client’s digital assets and ultimately their memories. With these changes we’ve made it easier for you to do your job knowing that your data is protected. Portfolios are also easily shared with your clients whether they are Bitcasa users or not.

So check out these updates to the Bitcasa web portal and let us know what you think! Also, would love to hear how you’re using Bitcasa.

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