Ease your Move to a More Secure Home with Mover!

No one enjoys moving – it’s always such a difficult process. But, with our newest API partner Mover, moving your data from cloud-to-cloud has become a breeze! Mover provides over 20 connectors to various storage providers, making it super easy to move or archive your files from other storage providers to your Bitcasa account. Users who’ve chosen Bitcasa for its privacy, security, media streaming, and ease of use, can now move all their files right into Bitcasa with just one click!

When we tested Mover’s simple UI, it literally took just a few minutes to move all our files into Bitcasa. You simply select a source, such as Dropbox, select Bitcasa as the destination, and then click Run. Mover will start a background task to move your files and then notify you when it’s done!

Try out Mover

So why use Mover with Bitcasa? Well, it supports these common use cases:

1. Get organized. Easily move your files from one cloud to another, so you don’t have to worry where you put what.

2. Clear up space. Migrate large amounts of business or personal data for easy archiving.

3. Never lose your data. Schedule regular backups of your cloud accounts into Bitcasa, which supports full versioning.

Bitcasa gives you full privacy on all your files with client-side encryption. This means that you, and no one else, can access your data. Bitcasa also uses regional data storage so that uploaded data remains local. This is awesome, especially for international users, as it offers the benefit of faster performance coupled with additional data protection.

Additionally, you can even move files from your own private servers such as ftp, webdav, S3, or Rackspace. Mover ensures you have the fastest server-to-server bandwidth between the source and destination. If you have a lot data, Mover can work with you to optimize the transfer, too. This is perfect for businesses who want to pre-load their Bitcasa account with existing data and files.

Mover is the best way to move files to, from or even between cloud storage providers. Ready to give it a shot? Learn how easily you can move your files to Bitcasa today!

Here’s how it works: How Mover.io works

Can You Trust the Cloud?

Can you trust the cloud?

Storing and sharing photos, videos and documents through the cloud is supposed to be safe now, right? The technology isn’t THAT new…aren’t the security bugs worked out by now?

Many consumers are still concerned, which is not surprising after the NSA’s online spying program was revealed last year. A 2013 survey of consumers in the UK found low confidence in cloud storage’s ability to protect privacy, and recent privacy breaches are only adding to the paranoia.

The risk comes from using platforms that don’t have top-of-the-line security measures. Never intended to be primary cloud storage, services like Dropbox and Box entered the market early, and were designed for file sync and share — as a result, they have intrinsic security weaknesses (which they have been working to repair ever since). Use these services and your files may not remain your own.

The thing is, private and secure cloud technology does exist.

Unlike Dropbox and Box, Bitcasa has operated from its start on the premise that people use the cloud to store everything and, therefore, everything needs comprehensive protection. We designed Bitcasa’s storage platform to replace your local hard drive, giving you a place not only to store all of your content, but also to access it from any device at any time. Of course, with this approach, security had to be front and center from the outset.

We secure your data by giving you the keys to it. Your Bitcasa account encrypts data on your device before sending it to our servers. So even we can’t see your data. No one can, except you. Even if we were compelled to hand over data to the NSA, or if someone gained access to our servers, all they would see is tens of billions of unattributable scrambled blocks of code. Absolutely nothing you have saved to the cloud would come through in any readable fashion to anyone other than you, or people you choose to share your data with.

Other popular services cache user data locally before sending it back to the United States to be stored (regardless of where the user is located), which leaves data vulnerable to interception and surveillance. We are the first popular consumer cloud storage service to offer region-specific storage, which gives our users the ability to store data in their region. For example, customers in Europe and Asia Pacific will have their data stored in their region, instead of in the United States. This puts information out of reach of foreign surveillance, and also improves the performance of our service in these regions.

So can you trust cloud storage? Absolutely. Should that trust depend upon how you’ve chosen to access the cloud and store your information on it? Yes. Is it wise to use cloud storage platforms from familiar brands that may not offer the best in security? We can’t see the logic there.

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Bitcasa – Building for Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Over the last few months, we’ve had users ask us what we’ve been up to. So, we here at Bitcasa felt it was time for an update so everyone can see just what we’ve been working on.

Since launching our service out of Beta in February of 2013 (we’re over a year old!), we’ve spent a lot of time rounding out the feature set of our apps and have come a long way improving the user experience and stability on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and the Web. In that time, we’ve grown our user base immensely and are now storing and incredible 40PB of user data both safely and securely in our cloud.

Although we’ve made a lot of progress, we’ve certainly heard a number of our users when they mention lower than expected performance. Some noted that they are experiencing slow download and upload speeds while others mentioned that it took too long to load their Drive or their photos. As a company that uses our own product internally on a daily basis, we definitely felt your pain! However, over the last few months we took a long, hard look at our infrastructure and it became clear that it was time for a re-vamp.

Doing what we’re trying to do here at Bitcasa is difficult. Bitcasa’s fundamental message is that you can have all of your data on the cloud and no longer need to store it on one single device. We all know devices break, get lost or stolen or just simply run out of storage space way too soon. Bitcasa lets you safely and securely keep every file you’ve ever owned at your fingertips. But in order to make this happen, we need to bend the laws of physics. Making files seem local when they are, in fact, in the cloud – and doing it in a speedy way for users in 140 countries – isn’t easy. But if Bitcasa is going to continue to keep customers happy, we’ll need to keep getting better and faster.

So over the last few months we’ve been heads-down improving our infrastructure. The goal is to make Bitcasa faster and even more reliable than it is today, without compromising our commitment to security. This work will be released over the summer in 4 parts:

  • Fully regionalized storage
  • New download server infrastructure
  • New upload server infrastructure
  • New API infrastructure for better app performance

We’re very excited and proud of the work our team is doing and look forward to sharing details over the next few weeks. Most importantly, we at Bitcasa are so grateful to all of our customers for providing such great feedback and showing support while we continue to change the way the world’s data is stored and accessed.


- Luke Behnke, Director of Product

Build a Better World with Bitcasa at HackSummit 2014

Calling all developers! Are you ready for the HackSummit in San Francisco this weekend – June 14-15. Bitcasa is challenging developers to help non-profit organizations in the Bay Area to better manage their data and files.

San Francisco is home to a wide variety of non-profit organizations; all of who have the city’s and citizens’ best interests at heart. In many cases, these organizations need to access files and information from outside of the office, while the nature of their work requires information is kept secure. However, many of these organizations can’t afford to fund an adequate secure file management and storage solution, which could increase the productivity and mobility of their organization.

To help these non-profits Bitcasa is challenging developers to use the Bitcasa Developer API to create a secure, collaborative file management system. With user-controlled encryption, smart-caching technology, and media streaming and transcoding capabilities, Bitcasa’s Developer API offers a secure storage layer that is easily accessible for its users on any devices.

Developers: Here is your chance to help make a real difference in the city of San Francisco. The team that creates the best solution will also receive a $250 for their efforts, adding to their good-deed in helping the nonprofit community in San Francisco.

What:          HackSummit Hackathon for Change

When:         10.00 a.m., 14 June – 6pm, June 15

Where:        Change.org Offices;  383 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Register to participate here:http://hacksummit.com/join/#Participate

We look forward to hacking with you this weekend!

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Apple CloudKit: A Nod to Bitcasa CloudFS Platform

Apple’s iCloud and Apple CloudKit announcement last week is a smart move to create additional customer loyalty and developer interest. From our perspective, the announcement validates our vision (announced last month) for the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform, which features a high-performance cloud file system (FS) and our Turn-key Clouds ‘iCloud in a Box’ solution. It also highlights the growing need for better developer-focused cloud storage services that reduce time and infrastructure headaches for developers, which is exactly what our Bitcasa CloudFS API is designed to do.

The Apple CloudKit is a great option for iOS developers who are less concerned with owning the user, and are content with keeping data within the closed Apple ecosystem. For many iOS-focused developers this will quickly add a layer of storage to their application. However, developers who would prefer to give users secure access to data across multiple devices and operating systems, while also owning their customers’ data, should consider the Bitcasa CloudFS API.

Our Bitcasa CloudFS API is a secure, high-performance and scalable cloud file system (FS) for applications. Bitcasa’s leading security technology with user-controlled encryption helps developers securely manage their users’ data to ensure data privacy, while our regionalized storage offers unmatched flexibility and the ability to store user data in specific regions or countries to meet data governance requirements.


Bitcasa CloudFS API


To boost application performance, the Bitcasa CloudFS API offers smart caching functionality, while media transcoding and streaming give your application the ability to view any file instantly. Additionally, having access to other feature-rich APIs that enable sync, share and collaboration functionality allows the app developer to provide a richer experience for the user.

Most importantly, developers don’t have to surrender their users and give up their data, or their brand to Apple. With Bitcasa you own the data, and you can build it your way. It’s your customer, your brand, your cloud.

Before you get locked into an exclusive relationship with Apple, consider a platform-agnostic approach that gives your application cross-platform functionality, robust security through user-controlled encryption, and above all gives you ownership of your users’ data and experience.

Bitcasa CloudFS Platform: Your Customers, Your Brand, Your Cloud.



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A Gift For Dad This Father’s Day!

Still on the hunt for a great Father’s Day gift? Well lucky for you, Bitcasa is here to help you out! Help Dad get his digital life organized and ready to share with the family. Oh and we’re throwing a discount your way, too!

Bitcasa isn’t just your typical cloud storage back-up option. It’s the best solution for accessing, sharing and securely storing everything from photos to videos to important documents. How so?

  • All of your files. Anywhere. On Any Device. One of the beautiful things about Bitcasa is that we’ve built it so you can access all of your data; from any device. Those movies that were uploaded from the home desktop? Dad can watch them right from his smart phone whenever he so pleases – even in HD!
  • Forget email attachments – forever. Kind of over getting those emails full of eleventybagillion photos attached from the last family vacation? Well with Bitcasa, you can upload all those photos (and even have phone pics auto uploaded) and then create a Send Link to share via email, social media or with a simple URL. Even if Aunt Mildred doesn’t have Bitcasa, she can still take a gander those pictures. (Please note – we’re not responsible for any embarrassing images your Dad may distribute throughout the family)
  • Clear up that computer. Dad constantly complaining that the computer is running super slow? Well that’s definitely an easy fix with Bitcasa. With the ability to copy files and folders of photos, music, videos and documents, clearing up space becomes an incredibly easy solution! Plus he can always download files stored in Bitcasa to another device.
  • Security at its best. Something we’ve always prided ourselves on has been our end-to-end encryption. This means that any data in Bitcasa remains private to the account owner (even Send Links can be password protected!). So there’s no need to worry when storing sensitive documents or, more importantly, awkward family photos.

Ready to get Dad on board with Bitcasa for Father’s Day? Awesome! Not only will he be stoked at everything we have to offer but you may just swindle your way into becoming the family favorite. Also, when you sign up using promotion code “DAD”, you’ll save 10% off any paid plan right off the bat! Just head on over to https://www.bitcasa.com/signup to get started. That’s basically the ultimate win/win, right there.

Dad’s always looking out for you so do him a favor and get his back this year with a Bitcasa account!

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We’re Evolving – Introducing the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform

Brian Taptich

Over the past couple of years we’ve been working hard to build the most secure, scalable and feature-rich consumer cloud storage service. Our unique user-controlled encryption, streaming capabilities and sharing functionality have helped thousands of consumers manage, protect and enjoy their digital belongings. During this time, our service has been well and truly battle-tested to the point where we now store more than 40 petabytes of data, with local storage in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, achieving 99.999 percent uptime since launch. Late last year, we announced our consumer API and now have more than 5,000 developers using it to build feature-rich apps.

Now, we’re responding to overwhelming demand from the developer community, and today announced our plans to deliver the Bitcasa Cloud File System (FS) as an API. With the Bitcasa CloudFS API, developers can reduce costs and development cycles, and tap into a high performance, secure and scalable file system that connects multiple public clouds and regions.

Whether you’re a developer looking for a high performance file system that’s secure and scalable, or a telecommunications provider looking to offer customers a branded cloud storage service, the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform reduces risk and costs while accelerating time to deployment.

Exposing our applications through an open API interface was a natural evolution for us. We’ve invested in the difficult part so developers and brands can focus on their customers, instead of trying to reinvent the cloud storage wheel.

With this evolution we have also expanded our management team, adding a new SVP of marketing and product, Ranajit Nevatia; VP of engineering, David Lai; and a new VP of business development, Joe Lyons. All have in-depth experience in cloud and storage technologies, and will help grow our business and deliver on our vision.

For existing customers, our commitment remains unchanged and we’ll continue to invest in and develop our consumer offering. In fact, much of the new innovations that the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform will generate will help us to continue to extend our consumer offering.

The Bitcasa CloudFS Platform will be available later this Spring, but developers can sign up now to be part of our beta. For more information on the platform and benefits to organizations, developers and service providers, visit www.bitcasa.com/platform

These are exciting times for us, as we look to open up our platform for developers and organizations to build on. So next time your developer buddies are complaining about the hassles of storage and back-end infrastructure, tell them to quit complaining and talk to Bitcasa.

Bitcasa CloudFS Platform API


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Why I Joined Bitcasa

I’m very excited to join the Bitcasa family as head of products and marketing and want to take the opportunity to introduce myself and share my enthusiasm for being here.

I’ve spent a good part (10+ years) of my professional career immersed in enterprise storage software focused primarily on file systems at VERITAS (almost open-sourced it) and more recently with file system-enabled cloud storage products at Riverbed and Panzura. Interestingly, Bitcasa provides me an opportunity to tackle both again and take it to a next level.

In the pursuit of my next career move, I had the chance to explore many startups in the storage space. After much evaluation, Bitcasa’s vision and direction is what intrigued me the most. Simply put, Bitcasa is doing to cloud storage what network-attached storage (NAS) did to storage area network (SAN) or files did to blocks but with an API twist. Their passion for a high-functioning consumer driven product is what continues to shape the company’s future. By providing a familiar, enhanced and feature-rich file interface on top of a scalable storage, Bitcasa is making it easy for consumers as well as mobile/web developers to build and deploy their applications. You will hear a lot more about it soon – look out for our announcement next week at Techcrunch Disrupt NY.

The Bitcasa Platform is battle proven and tested with more than 40 petabytes (PB) stored and accessed by millions of client devices. Originally built for the personal storage market, Bitcasa’s backend has all the architecture and design fundamentals of enterprise-style storage; from client-controlled encryption to performance-optimization and robust data protection. All of these elements are usually seen as an after-thought in a consumer offering. Most importantly, Bitcasa is operating and scaling these features at an unprecedented rate. Essentially, it’s an enhanced file storage service operating at hyper-scale, combining the best of the file system and cloud storage worlds.

There are many aspects of Bitcasa that aren’t widespread knowledge and I intend to change that in the near future. A few of the things that got me excited:

  • Its security, privacy and user control features make it a “zero knowledge” system (NSA proof – a necessary requirement these days).
  • The scale of global de-duplication and storage optimization is at a level I’ve never seen before.
  • The platform’s capabilities transcend the competition’s. Things like caching, encryption, streaming, transcoding and virtual drive technology set Bitcasa far apart from the crowd.
  • Bitcasa has the newest, most modern architecture, yet is still mature given the fast adoption by our users.
  • Customers have validated Bitcasa – it’s one of the top three pure-plays in the industry.
  • With more than 40 PB of data it’s one of the most scaled and well-utilized storage services.
  • Regularly accessed by millions of devices from mobile to web, desktop and TV.
  • It’s proven reliable with more than five 9’s (99.999%) uptime since launch.

This kind of differentiation puts Bitcasa on a great path for the next chapter, one that enables developers to do more without worrying about building their own cloud storage layer.  I believe that ultimately the winners in the personal storage space will offer storage as part of other anchoring services. Bitcasa is poised to enable that, making it possible for every developer and anchor to reduce risk and drive development and storage costs down tremendously. I’m eager to explore this new opportunity and bring these innovations to that market.

On top of letting me share in its impressive business achievements and potential, Bitcasa has brought me into its wonderful company culture. It’s a breath of fresh air—a young, vibrant atmosphere … with included Barista privileges downstairs (we sit on top of a cafe and a pub) – obviously I’m excited to be here (for good reasons). The Bitcasa product team has already been working actively along with support of a fairly involved developer community. I look forward to connecting with many of you and becoming part of the community, and I’m really excited to be part of these innovating new times at Bitcasa.

Register on our website (www.bitcasa.com/platform) if you would like more information on the Bitcasa Cloud Platform.


- Ranajit

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Telecommunications Service Providers: It’s Time to Call Bitcasa

Cloud computing conceptWith the proliferation of digital devices, the demand for cloud storage is more pressing than ever. Recently, a Nielsen report found that the average American owns four digital devices and spends 60 hours a week consuming content across these devices. Today’s consumer is more connected than ever and is embracing opportunities to access their content from anywhere, anytime. Another recently released Cisco report predicted that mobile data will be 11 times what it is today by 2018, reaching 18 exabytes per month – that’s 900,000 years’ worth of DVD-quality video produced every month.

With a robust and highly scalable platform, Bitcasa is well positioned to help solve the capacity challenge and cater to the substantial growth in demand for storage. What’s more, we’re evolving our platform and working on a number of new services that will help our partners and developers deliver highly secure and accessible cloud storage.

New Mobile Partnerships

This week we announced partnerships with a number of telecommunications and mobile device companies such as Huawei, Samsung and Telefonica. Using Bitcasa our partners are removing in-device storage limitations and providing their customers with seamless access to documents, music, videos and photos across devices. Our highly secure enterprise-grade encryption, seamless integration, and simple sharing and streaming functionality instantly adds value to our partner’s products, and creates customer loyalty in the process.

New Services Coming Soon!

Today, Bitcasa’s VP of product and marketing, Ranajit Nevatia, will also be presenting at the Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF) hosted by the Telecom Council. He will share details on some of the exciting new business offerings we have in store for 2014, and how telecommunications companies and OEMs can leverage our platform to save costs, drive customer loyalty and add value. If you’re interested in joining us at the session, you can apply or get more information here.

If you’re a telecommunications service provider or OEM wanting to differentiate your products in the market you’ll want to hear what we have planned. Stay tuned for more details or join us on Friday at Silicon Valley’s Telecom Council event.

Bitcasa: Coming to a TV near you!


With the world becoming increasingly connected, it only makes sense that you should be able to see what you want, where you want, on what device/screen you want.

At Bitcasa, we’re committed to making all your content-viewing dreams come true… one device at a time. Today, we’re excited to share that our latest Android update will include our first step towards full Chromecast support. We are enabling cast for videos and music in addition to providing a few core controls: pause, play and volume adjustment.

What does that really mean? It means you can now stream any of the content stored in your Bitcasa account, to your TV via Chromecast. Want to broadcast your son or daughter’s embarrassing baby pictures during her birthday party? Done! Want to reminisce over that time you sang “Baby Got Back” at a karaoke bar? Done!

When it comes to sharing and viewing content with your friends and family, mobile and PC just don’t cut the mustard. Now you can sit back, relax, bring out the popcorn and view your content the way it should be viewed, reliving your best-captured moments on TV! Because your cat deserves to be admired in HD!

As you try out the first iteration of Bitcasa’s Chromecast support, we’d love to hear from you so that we can integrate your feedback into our plans for a more immersive casting experience.

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