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4K / UHD Content Will Drive a Significant Increase in Cloud Storage Demand

Consumers have been driving demand for 4K / Ultra High Definition (UHD) since 2014.  Now both established and new brands are entering the market, making 4K / UHD content much easier to create and access. Last week’s Mobile World Congress continued the trend, with a number of related announcements:

  • Samsung and Verizon announced the ability to transmit 4K content to a moving vehicle
  • Huawei announced GigaRadio featuring HD voice, 2K/4K HD video and virtual reality experiences
  • Qualcomm discussed the 6th generation of the Snapdragon X16 smartphone modem
  • AstroFlix announced the first 4K Zodiac Channel for horoscope delivery in 4K

However, with improved content quality comes additional local storage challenges for users who create and consume 4K / UHD files. The files are gigantic. Look at the difference versus HD on the iPhone 6s at 60 frames per second:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.13.24 PMSo if you have a 16GB phone you better offload that content fast, or find a cloud solution – and Apple will offer that to you. Live photos generate 4 shots per picture. So at about 13MB per photo, you can see how local storage can be impacted in a matter of months. This makes cloud an obvious and relevant option to prevent exhausting local storage. In fact, we think cloud will be even more disruptive in the wake of UHD – but why should Apple be the only one that offers it?

UHD goes beyond phones, to set top boxes and storage devices. As the availability of UHD technology infiltrates film production, users can experience better color, frame rates and the authenticity of film that was captured in UHD. Those vivid, additional pixels take up a lot of storage. How much local storage will a set top box need? 500 GBs suddenly sounds pretty small if you regularly use your DVR to record movies and TV shows to watch at another time.

While content is currently limited, the higher quality files will inevitably become the standard. This will squeeze local device storage even more. The cloud is the only answer. And Bitcasa is seeing this realization across the entire device economy.

Feb 29 2016

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Our Web App has Gone Light!

send link manager

new video

Today we released a funky fresh new version of the Bitcasa Web App with a bright and light color theme and a smoother video experience. Check it out at:

For users who already love to use the Bitcasa Web App for playing videos, performance and feature updates should make frame rates and overall viewing significantly better.  You can now play virtually any format of video, and we’re giving you a new HD button to play back in any resolution you choose! You can also browse through videos to easily return to where you left off, or skip ahead to your favorite part (coming soon to the mobile apps).

Last but not least, you now have the ability to track all your “Send to a Friend” links, so you can easily find, resend or delete your links any time. View your links here:


The Bitcasa Team

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Sep 05 2013


Bitcasa Tech, Web Access

If Photography or Music is Your Passion, We Have You Covered!

Spinning a new high-end mix? Photographing an engagement shoot? If you’re passionate about music, photography or design, our latest updates to the web portal were made with you mind!

We know that music aficionados embrace FLAC files because they maintain music’s integrity with no loss of quality. But these high fidelity formats can take up to six times the space of MP3 files! Now you don’t have to worry about running out of space. With Bitcasa’s added support for FLAC files plus our unlimited storage, you can stream & enjoy flawless music without worrying about space. Additional music types now supported include: “aac,” “f4a,” “m4a,” “mp3,” “oga,” “ogg,” “ac3,” “wav” and “wma.”

And for the photographers and graphic designers out there, we have some updates for you as well! You can now view RAW images on Much like FLAC, RAW images are the format of choice for many professional photographers, but they eat up space. With unlimited, secure storage — you can put those worries behind you.  RAW image types now supported include “3fr,” “arw,” “cr2,” “crw,” “dcr,” “dng,” “erf,” “kdc,” “mef,” “mrw,” “nef,” “orf,” “pef,” “raf,” “sr2″ and “x3f.”

We know that as photographers you’re responsible for protecting your client’s digital assets and ultimately their memories. With these changes we’ve made it easier for you to do your job knowing that your data is protected. Portfolios are also easily shared with your clients whether they are Bitcasa users or not.

So check out these updates to the Bitcasa web portal and let us know what you think! Also, would love to hear how you’re using Bitcasa.

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Aug 16 2013


Bitcasa News, Questions and tips, Web Access

A Fresh New Web Experience at

Over the last few months our developers have been heads down working on creating a more intuitive and higher performing Web experience. Many of these changes were the direct result of what we heard from you and the stuff you care about.

For those of you that haven’t used our Web access you should check it out. Go to from any browser (you don’t need to install Bitcasa first) and use it as a fast & easy way to stream your music, videos and photo albums anywhere you might be. The Web interface not only gives you access to all your content, but it also plays videos natively in your browser.

A Better Web Experience

Here are some of the latest editions to the new Bitcasa Web experience at

1. A Crisp New Look

We are now optimized for mobile phones and tablets, creating a really great experience for anytime, anywhere instant access to all your digital goods (music, videos, photos, etc.).

We have also made lots of other changes under the hood to make sure you have thright tools at your fingertips when you’re on the go.

mobile web experience                                  mobile photos.nwe web experience

 2. Photo and Document Preview

Now when you click on a Bitcasa Send Link, you can instantly see a preview of your photos or document right there on the web page. No need to download them to view!

send pic.newwebexperience

3. Shorter Send Links
We have taken a hint from the folks at Bitly and shortened our sharing links so they’re easier to include in your emails, Facebook posts, and tweets.

4. My Drive is the new Folders

We have renamed the “Folders” view to “My Drive” to better reflect all the content you have on Bitcasa. Click it to see what’s on your Infinite Drive. We will be doing this across all our applications for a more seamless experience.

5. A Better Photo Viewing Experience

We know that album art from your music collection can clutter your Photos view. We now filter for any small photos under 50kb in size to be excluded from the “Photos” section.

If you have questions about how works, please check out this post which highlights some commonly asked questions and gives advice on how to get started.

An improved Web experience is one of the many things we are working on and you’ll be the first to know as soon as we have any new updates.

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May 22 2013


Android, App Update, Bitcasa News, Bitcasa Tech, iOS, Web Access

Updated Bitcasa Web Access Experience

Hello Bitcasa users!

Today we released an updated Bitcasa Web Access experience. We’ve redesigned the look and feel to make your content really stand out. All the same features are still there – with some new ones added. This is a big first step as we turn the Bitcasa web experience into a fully featured media player, file viewer, and web-based file manager.

You can find it on a friendly new URL:

Plus, delete is here!


So what’s next?

  • Create folders, rename files and folders, move items, copy to, etc. (full featured file system operations)
  • Continue to support playing more and more formats of video, music, and documents
  • Better sorting and arrangement of your files within music, photos, and videos view
  • Ability to “restore” files and folders from versions
  • Improved account management, share link management, etc.
  • And much more.

Check out some screenshots below, and let us know what you think!



doc viewer


Go back in time to recover old or deleted files with “Versions”:


Upload to any folder in your Infinite Drive:


Check it out today!

Feb 01 2013

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