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Have you Checked out our New Web App Yet?

We’ve released an intuitive, sleek Web app with enhanced capabilities that make it easier to store, find and stream your digital content.

Some of the cool new features in our updated Web app include:
  •  Intuitive design: We’ve added a navigation sidebar on the left so you can easily drag and drop files to move or upload them and quickly select files to move, copy and rename.
  • Improved data and device management: Do you use Bitcasa from your smartphone, desktop AND tablet? Now you can view all of your Bitcasa-connected devices in one screen. With a unified view you can remotely manage and cancel sessions in the case of lost or stolen devices.

  • Unified viewer: From movies to RAW images, you can simultaneously view multiple files with our new unified viewer.

  • Share with family and friends:  Have a birthday photo album you want to quickly share? With the new app update sharing just got simpler! Thanks to deeper integration with Facebook, Twitter and email you can more easily send files to your social circles with the click of a button.

Bitcasa New Portal  The introduction of our slick new Web app is just one of the ways we are making it easier to access and store your digital belongings. On our roadmap we also have bandwidth controls, collaborative folders, large upload performance, increased computer resource management (CPU, memory usage, etc.) and Proxy support.

 Stay tuned for more updates and let us know what you think of the new Web app!

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Dec 13 2013


App Update, Bitcasa News, Desktop Apps

Ready, Set, Go! Bitcasa Takes on the World

Hard drives, sync solutions and others, beware! Today we’re launching a new version of Bitcasa that will transform the mobile experience and extend our global reach. From performance enhancements to international support, these updates set a new standard for storing, accessing and sharing your content. It will undoubtedly lead to the demise of hard drives worldwide and bring us one step closer to storing the world’s data—are you ready?

Hablas español?

Is English not your first language? Don’t worry because Bitcasa is your new multilingual friend! From your browser to your app, Bitcasa now fluently speaks 11 languages including English-US, English-UK, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Japanese and Korean. Bitcasa automatically sets your language based on your computer or phone. Voilà!

Mobile Makeover

Not only is Bitcasa’s new iOS and Android mobile experience beautiful and sleek, it’s also secure and intuitive. With a sidebar menu and smart search option visible on every page, navigation is a breeze.  Sort files by name and date to quickly find that new song you’ve just uploaded or old video you want to watch. Have a new picture you want to share? All of your recently added and viewed files are bookmarked right on the home screen! The new mobile app also makes life easier with the option to make payments directly from your device.

New Android Homescreen


New iOS Homescreen

iOS The ONLY cloud storage that is truly private

Hesitant about prying eyes viewing your files? Well, we’re beefing up your mobile security. In addition to our existing client-side encryption that makes it cryptographically impossible for anyone else to see your stuff, you can now also set a Passcode Lock on our mobile apps so you never have to worry about unwelcomed eyes accessing your files on your phone and tablet.

Time to Get Organized

Drag and drop. How much simpler can it get? With the new browser file management, you can upload files by dragging any file directly into your browser. You can also create, rename and share your files and folders directly at Now if only organizing your house was that easy! Don’t forget, you can stream your music and videos from the web without any wait time or making space to download files.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the new desktop version of Bitcasa today at or download our Bitcasa app at Google Play or Apple store.  We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Also, in celebration of our official entry into Europe, Bitcasa will be offering a special 20-percent discount of £55/€60 for a year of Infinite Storage to our new international users. This special introductory price will be available through August 31, 2013 when international users enter the promotional code: UKEU20. Just sign up here.

Never run out of space again!
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Jul 23 2013


Android, App Update, Bitcasa News, Desktop Apps, iOS

Welcome to the Bitcasa Infinite Drive.

What on earth is the Bitcasa Infinite Drive, you may ask? First, check out this fun video, which will help explain what Bitcasa is, and how we simplify storage for the masses. Image Pretty cool, huh? Whether you are new to Bitcasa, or have been using our beta client since the beginning, we have some exciting things rolling out over the next few months. Our team remains dedicated as ever to ensure we create the best product for you. With our updated website, a new mobile experience on Android devices (iOS is coming soon, we promise!), and desktop mirroring to your Bitcasa Infinite Drive, we are better than ever. Check out the full details on our press release. As always, let us know what you think. So what is Bitcasa, anyways? Bitcasa is your unlimited external hard drive. Your Bitcasa Infinite Drive instantly streams everything you have, including your documents, photos, videos, and music to your phone, tablet, smart TV, and laptop. Easily share whatever you like with anyone you choose. It’s instant, simple, and never runs out of space. Bitcasa makes your device’s hard drive infinite, so users never have to worry about disk space again. Users can save, access, and share an unlimited number of documents, pictures, music, and movies from any device. Everything is encrypted locally and backed up in the cloud so user data is always safe and secure. Check out our recent changes below:

Bitcasa Infinite Drive


Your external drive in the cloud Drag and drop files and folder to your Bitcasa Infinite Drive just like any external hard drive. This little guy lives on your desktop, allowing you to easily move things into the cloud. Bitcasa never runs out of space and files moved here don’t take up space on your computer. All your files are available on any computer and device.

Mirror Your Computers to Bitcasa

mirror image white

Access and backup your computers, anytime Your files stay right where they are on your computer, and mirror to Bitcasa. Your files are still available when you are offline, and they automatically sync up when you are back online.

Instant Access and Share

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 10.13.39 AM

Access all your files, anywhere Listen to your music, watch videos, view your photos and documents on your Android mobile phone, tablet, and on the web. You can share files and folders of any size instantly with friends and family. And to our dear Apple and iOS users, you can expect access in January, so fret not! And we’re just getting started… We are constantly working on improving our product, with many exciting changes yet to come (don’t worry Apple and iOS users – you will have access in late January). Make sure to circle back to our blog each week to find out what we are working on, and how it helps you. We have a fantastic Support team that is here to help! Find them under the Support tab, and let them know we sent you. Questions, comments, Bitcasa memes? Shoot us an email at or, and we will gladly help.

Dec 20 2012

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