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The Developer’s Dilemma: Build it Yourself or Lose Ownership of Data and UX

On Tuesday we announced the findings of The Developer’s Dilemma study, which highlighted a number of barriers that currently limit developer cloud storage adoption.

The survey of more than 230 developers in the United States confirmed our suspicions that developer’s face a significant dilemma when it comes to deciding whether utilize cloud storage.

What is the Developer’s Dilemma?

Either: build your own file system on public cloud infrastructure, which is difficult and time consuming; OR leverage a third-party cloud storage API (like Dropbox or Box) and surrender your users’ data and lose control of user experience.

The Developer's Dilemma


Until now we had anecdotal evidence from developers that this was an issue – the fact that 15,000 developers have signed up to Bitcasa CloudFS also highlights the severity of the problem. But now we have evidence! Write it in the history books – the Developer’s Dilemma is as real and observable as the theory of relativity.

This also explains why developers have been so slow to adopt cloud storage. According to the survey, more than 50 percent of developers still store data on the device – despite increasing storage demands and growing competition for on-device storage from other apps.

With IDC predicting that the volume of digital content will grow by 10x to surpass 44 trillion GBs in 2020, cloud storage is quickly becoming essential for data-intensive apps. The next generation of apps depend on developers leveraging cloud storage solutions that solve the developer’s dilemma and make cloud storage simple and flexible.

Solving the Developer’s Dilemma

We developed Bitcasa CloudFS after hearing anecdotal feedback from developers and, to our knowledge, it’s the only solution in the market that effectively solves the Developer’s Dilemma. In contrast to other cloud storage APIs, CloudFS is the first service that allows developers to maintain full control over their user experience and data. The service offers developers pre-built file system functionality through a set of APIs that simplifies cloud storage integration.

Other interesting findings that the survey unearthed:

  • Two thirds of developers surveyed acknowledged the important role of storage in app design
  • 83 percent of developers expect storage needs to increase over the next few year
  • Top 5 considerations when selecting a storage solution:
    • Security
    • Cost
    • File system functionality
    • Backup and versioning
    • Time to market

The Developer’s Dilemma survey, completed by more than 231 developers in the United States, was carried out by an independent research firm. For more information on CloudFS visit


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Important: We are Upgrading Storage Infrastructure and Need You to Take Action

Support FAQ

We have spent the last year upgrading our backend storage infrastructure to be faster, more stable, and more scalable. As a result, you will see improved upload/download performance. But to keep our zero-knowledge encryption in place for your account, you will need to transfer your account and all of your data over to the new Bitcasa system.

For those with Free, Premium, and Pro plans, this process should be quick and painless, however we do apologize for any inconvenience.

Simply log in to your account and follow the on-screen instructions to update your account, files, and billing information onto the new backend.

The current apps are not compatible with the new storage system and you will need to download the all-new Bitcasa apps.

**You have between October 22, 2014 and November 15, 2014 to migrate your data. All accounts and data not transferred to the new system will be deleted on November 16, 2014.

Unfortunately, the transition signals the end of Infinite storage plans.

While our Infinite offering was one of our early value propositions, we have since found that only a small percentage of people use it (only 0.5 percent of our accounts require more than 1TB, and less than 0.1 percent require more than 10TB).

Also, the reality is while we have tried to make our vision of infinite work, the low demand combined with the growing number of suspected abusers, means that supporting an Infinite plan is not a viable business for us. Our Acceptable Use policy has been a challenge to enforce with our privacy features, as we can only see the amount of of data stored – which for some customers, is at a level that seems impossible for individual usage.

What does this mean for Infinite plan subscribers?

Infinite plan users will need to transfer to a 1TB Premium plan or our new 10TB Pro plan to continue using our service. We have created a simple, intuitive guide to walk you through the transfer process and make the transfer as seamless as possible.

Please know that plan changes are difficult decisions we don’t take lightly. In our ongoing efforts to keep costs low and minimize rate increases, on occasion we must make adjustments to our business model. We apologize for any inconvenience.

More questions?

We’ve developed a comprehensive FAQ to help with any questions you might have regarding the transition, which you can find here.

Also, if you encounter any issues transferring files to your new account, please post your question to the Community Forums and one of our moderators will respond. If you have a paid account, you can also submit a request via the Help Center.

What’s next?

Our customer and developer base has grown and the change will allow the company to further focus on improving our offerings. We will continue to unveil additional features in the coming year and are confident in the value our new platform and infrastructure will bring.

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Hutchison Telecommunications Launches Bitcasa-Powered Super Cloud


Today, we are excited to announce a partnership with Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (HTHKH) to power cloud storage services for its operating companies worldwide – the first, of which will be 3 Hong Kong.

3 Hong Kong is world’s first mobile operator to leverage our Turn-key Drive solution to power its 3 Super Cloud.

What is Bitcasa Turn-key Drive?

Our Turn-key Drive solution gives customers all the storage, streaming, security and sharing functionality of Bitcasa’s consumer cloud storage product and pre-built mobile apps in a white-labeled solution, which they control. Think of it as “iCloud in a Box.” It offers a way for businesses to instantly solve the storage challenge for their customers.

Through launching their own 3 Super Cloud-branded cloud storage offering, 3 Hong Kong can provide a better service for its customers, who no longer have to worry about running out of space on their devices.

The new offering will include 3 Super Cloud-branded applications for iOS and Android devices, as well as Mac, Windows, and Web portal access. The service features Bitcasa’s block-level, client-side encryption for advanced data security, as well as smart caching technology and local region storage for enhanced performance.

What does this mean for 3 Hong Kong end-users?

Customers of 3 Hong Kong will now be able to integrate affordable cloud storage (3 Super Cloud) when they sign up for a plan, or buy a new device. Instead of storing images, videos and other files on the device, these will be stored securely in the user’s 3 Super Cloud drive and will be accessible from any device. When the user upgrades their phone, all their files will be instantly accessible on the new device.

For more information on 3 Super Cloud, visit Also if you have any questions about our new Turn-Key Drive, contact us!

Say Hello to the Bitcasa Cloud Storage Platform

Helping Solve the Developer’s Dilemma Since 2014

Developers – the day you all have been waiting for is finally here! Today we announced the general availability of Bitcasa CloudFS, the world’s first cloud file system APIs that give developers control of user data and brand experience.

We were recently at Boxworks – that’s right, we go to Boxworks – talking to a developer working in the healthcare space who was a leveraging a Box API. He described a cringe-inducing scenario where his users were forced to register for a Box account before they could even use his application, and much of the user experience was hijacked by our friends at Box. And the worst part about this poor developer’s setup – Box got to keep his customers’ data, which hardly seems fair.

But what’s the alternative? For many developers building their own file system on top of public cloud infrastructure takes too much time, resources, effort and expertise that they don’t have. Until now this has created a real dilemma.

With Bitcasa CloudFS, developers can leverage our high performance, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure to rapidly deploy new applications – effectively solving the Developer’s Dilemma outlined above, and ensuring developers can leverage customizable cloud file system APIs without sacrificing their customers and user experience.

Additionally, the Bitcasa Cloud Storage Platform offers developers unmatched security and privacy with zero-knowledge, user controlled encryption keys, and highly scalable, high performance application storage, featuring smart-caching and server-side transcoding, as well as multi-cloud, multi-region data orchestration.

But don’t just take out word for it….

According to Ashish Nadkarni, File & Storage Analyst at IDC, “The scale of the file system in Bitcasa’s consumer cloud storage service is unprecedented, and provides a solid base for developers to build on.”

Since we announced the platform a few months ago in May, we’ve had more than 7,000 developers register for the developer program. (If you haven’t signed up, there’s no time like the present)

We are offering developers a free test package so that applications can be prototyped with five end-users, 25GB of storage, 10,000 API calls a month and basic support. Bitcasa CloudFS also includes three paid tiers and custom pricing options for high volume applications. More pricing details are available on our website here.

What if you are not a developer? What if you are a Telco, an OEM, managed service provider or value added reseller who is more interested in offering your customers cloud storage services? We have you covered. Our new Bitcasa Cloud Storage Platform also includes our Turn-key Drive service, which allows the organizations mentioned above to offer their customers comprehensive branded cloud storage services.

Think of it like an ‘iCloud in a Box’.

Bitcasa’s Turn-key Drive solution gives customers all the storage, streaming, security and sharing functionality of Bitcasa’s consumer cloud storage product and pre-built mobile apps in a white-labeled solution, which they control.

Like Bitcasa’s CloudFS APIs, Turn-key Drive also features Bitcasa’s robust, user controlled encryption and zero-knowledge storage, smart caching technology and regional storage capabilities etc.

The general availability of Bitcasa CloudFS and Turn-key Drive is finally here. If you’re not a developer and you’re wondering “Hey, what about me?!” don’t fret! Our consumer cloud storage service is not going anywhere and we’ll continue to invest in refining our platform so everybody wins.

So, developers, consumers, telcos, OEMs etc, what do you think? We are interested in your feedback. Tell us what you think and share your views with the Bitcasa Developer community.

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Start Building Today – CloudFS Open Beta


Attention Developers! Ask and you shall receive. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the open Beta release of our new CloudFS API Platform. Every day developers encounter multiple hurdles when trying to create the next killer app and we know that isn’t easy. One of the hardest hurdles for application developers is developing a backend infrastructure where their users account and data will be stored, and for most, the cloud is an obvious choice. “Cloudifying” an app leads to an overwhelming dilemma – create a do it yourself file system that sits on top of public cloud infrastructure; or take a shortcut and use a third-party cloud storage API, ultimately surrendering users and data. With CloudFS developers don’t have to worry about solving the developers dilemma; now they can focus on creating the next killer app, simple as that.  

Developer's Dilemma

User generated content is growing exponentially faster than available storage space, and solving this “space gap” problem has been our mission since 2011; whether it be for our consumers, partners, or developers. To help our developers take back control of their application data and users, we debuted CloudFS at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC back in May. Since then, we’ve been working with a few of our partners to test CloudFS and what we’ve seen from them has further validated our mission and completely blown us away.

The "space gap" problem

For example, our friends at DCT, an image processing and document management company, previously integrated with a third-party storage company, but ultimately wanted to keep their brand, data and users within their ecosystem. In order to accomplish this, they needed to build a custom cloud solution for their application. After countless meeting with IaaS providers they came to the realization that it would take a minimum of 6 months and tens of thousands of dollars to re-invent the cloud storage wheel. With Bitcasa, DCT was able to integrate CloudFS into their SimpleScan application in 2 weeks, which is now being deployed at point-of-sale systems across the country.


With this open Beta we invite developers to come and build on a platform that has scaled to 45 petabytes of data for customers in 140 countries. Application developers can sign up for a free CloudFS account, which will give them immediate access to the APIs on the CloudFS platform. We have a huge pipeline of new features we’re putting final touches on. We’re working hard to expose our sync, transcoding, ACL, and other APIs, while giving developers access to a rich set of analytics to help them better understand their users’ behavior.


We are excited, and hope you are too!

Happy building!

The Bitcasa Team

Another one in the books – Three years and counting


Time really does fly when you’re having fun! Three years ago today, Bitcasa came into being by way of official incorporation. The early days here could easily be described as a scene out of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” as our founding engineers lived together in preparation for TechCrunch Disrupt 2011. The team worked around the clock building a Mac and Windows beta that would be gracing the stage for its debut. After launching at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, the beta invite list grew to 50,000 users overnight and Bitcasa was born. 

TechCrunch Disrupt 2011

The Bitcasa vision and goal has always been simple: to solve the challenge of capacity and fundamentally change the way people store, share and access their files. In February 2013, the hard drive died when we came out of Beta and launched the “Bitcasa Infinite Drive”.

Bitcasa Killed the Hard Drive

In just one year, we’ve experienced a lot, to say the least. Last year we were a nimble team of 50 in Mountain View, California, storing 30 petabytes of data with customers worldwide. Now we’re a solid team of 70 people and steadily growing. To better accommodate the Bitcasa family, we recently had to say “Goodbye, Mountain View!” and “Hello, San Mateo!”. Much like the rapid growth of our team, the amount of data we’re storing is expanding vastly, as well. We’re now storing over 40 petabytes of data under management with users in over 140 countries with regionalized storage in the US, Asia, and EU to serve them.

We’re continuing to refine our product and have a lot of great things on the way. Our mission has always been to help our users solve the “space gap” problem, and we remain vigorously focused on that mission today; whether it be for our consumers, our partners, or developers on our platform.

Space Gap

A huge “Thank You” to our users who have been with us over the last 3 years! The Bitcasa community is smart, tech-forward, and passionate — the best kind of community we could have ever asked for. We are so excited for everything that the future has in store for us!



Your friends at Bitcasa


Samsung to Bitcasa: Let’s Take Our Relationship to the Next Level

Korean tech giant, Samsung (you may have heard of them) has been flirting with Bitcasa for just under a year now. We began the relationship in August 2013 with a deal that meant Bitcasa’s Windows 8 app was pre-loaded on Samsung ATIV PCs with a free two-month subscription to Bitcasa.

From there, the relationship flourished and it wasn’t long before we were being pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO devices, and offering customers three months of free storage.

Today, we took our relationship with Samsung to the next level with Bitcasa apps now pre-loaded on Samsung Windows 8.1 devices worldwide, and new Samsung customers receiving 50GB of free Bitcasa cloud storage for two years.


Why are mobile providers, like Samsung, so smitten with Bitcasa?

Samsung is an innovator, and is always looking for what’s next. As consumers begin using more devices – mobiles, tablets, smart-watches, etc. the migration of the hard drive to the cloud is inevitable.

While other file sync and share services have been around for some time, they were never designed as hard drive replacement, and lack security features to enable consumers to store important documents and files in the cloud.

Bitcasa was not built with file sync and share in mind; it was designed to replace the hard drive entirely. With this in mind, security and accessibility were key priorities in the development of the service.

In contrast to other cloud storage services that encrypt on the server, Bitcasa encrypts your data on the client-side, so that it is secure before it’s even sent to the cloud. The user-controlled encryption means that not even Bitcasa is able to see your data, it is completely private.

Last week we became the first popular cloud storage service to store data in the region of the user, extending our commitment to user privacy. This means our users in Europe and Asia have their data store in their region, not the United States. Our competitors may cache data in-region, but they will ultimately send your data back to the United States where it is subject to U.S law and surveillance practices.

To create seamless integration with devices, Bitcasa uses smart-caching technology that ensures the files you use most frequently are easily accessible, while our streaming and media transcoding capabilities give you the ability to stream a range of content and file types from your Bitcasa Drive.

Being the creator of innovative devices, large and small, Samsung knows that the hard drive of the future will reside in the cloud. By extending their relationship with Bitcasa, Samsung is helping customers ensure their data is secure and accessible wherever and however they want it.


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Can You Trust the Cloud?

Can you trust the cloud?

Storing and sharing photos, videos and documents through the cloud is supposed to be safe now, right? The technology isn’t THAT new…aren’t the security bugs worked out by now?

Many consumers are still concerned, which is not surprising after the NSA’s online spying program was revealed last year. A 2013 survey of consumers in the UK found low confidence in cloud storage’s ability to protect privacy, and recent privacy breaches are only adding to the paranoia.

The risk comes from using platforms that don’t have top-of-the-line security measures. Never intended to be primary cloud storage, services like Dropbox and Box entered the market early, and were designed for file sync and share — as a result, they have intrinsic security weaknesses (which they have been working to repair ever since). Use these services and your files may not remain your own.

The thing is, private and secure cloud technology does exist.

Unlike Dropbox and Box, Bitcasa has operated from its start on the premise that people use the cloud to store everything and, therefore, everything needs comprehensive protection. We designed Bitcasa’s storage platform to replace your local hard drive, giving you a place not only to store all of your content, but also to access it from any device at any time. Of course, with this approach, security had to be front and center from the outset.

We secure your data by giving you the keys to it. Your Bitcasa account encrypts data on your device before sending it to our servers. So even we can’t see your data. No one can, except you. Even if we were compelled to hand over data to the NSA, or if someone gained access to our servers, all they would see is tens of billions of unattributable scrambled blocks of code. Absolutely nothing you have saved to the cloud would come through in any readable fashion to anyone other than you, or people you choose to share your data with.

Other popular services cache user data locally before sending it back to the United States to be stored (regardless of where the user is located), which leaves data vulnerable to interception and surveillance. We are the first popular consumer cloud storage service to offer region-specific storage, which gives our users the ability to store data in their region. For example, customers in Europe and Asia Pacific will have their data stored in their region, instead of in the United States. This puts information out of reach of foreign surveillance, and also improves the performance of our service in these regions.

So can you trust cloud storage? Absolutely. Should that trust depend upon how you’ve chosen to access the cloud and store your information on it? Yes. Is it wise to use cloud storage platforms from familiar brands that may not offer the best in security? We can’t see the logic there.

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Bitcasa – Building for Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Over the last few months, we’ve had users ask us what we’ve been up to. So, we here at Bitcasa felt it was time for an update so everyone can see just what we’ve been working on.

Since launching our service out of Beta in February of 2013 (we’re over a year old!), we’ve spent a lot of time rounding out the feature set of our apps and have come a long way improving the user experience and stability on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and the Web. In that time, we’ve grown our user base immensely and are now storing and incredible 40PB of user data both safely and securely in our cloud.

Although we’ve made a lot of progress, we’ve certainly heard a number of our users when they mention lower than expected performance. Some noted that they are experiencing slow download and upload speeds while others mentioned that it took too long to load their Drive or their photos. As a company that uses our own product internally on a daily basis, we definitely felt your pain! However, over the last few months we took a long, hard look at our infrastructure and it became clear that it was time for a re-vamp.

Doing what we’re trying to do here at Bitcasa is difficult. Bitcasa’s fundamental message is that you can have all of your data on the cloud and no longer need to store it on one single device. We all know devices break, get lost or stolen or just simply run out of storage space way too soon. Bitcasa lets you safely and securely keep every file you’ve ever owned at your fingertips. But in order to make this happen, we need to bend the laws of physics. Making files seem local when they are, in fact, in the cloud – and doing it in a speedy way for users in 140 countries – isn’t easy. But if Bitcasa is going to continue to keep customers happy, we’ll need to keep getting better and faster.

So over the last few months we’ve been heads-down improving our infrastructure. The goal is to make Bitcasa faster and even more reliable than it is today, without compromising our commitment to security. This work will be released over the summer in 4 parts:

  • Fully regionalized storage
  • New download server infrastructure
  • New upload server infrastructure
  • New API infrastructure for better app performance

We’re very excited and proud of the work our team is doing and look forward to sharing details over the next few weeks. Most importantly, we at Bitcasa are so grateful to all of our customers for providing such great feedback and showing support while we continue to change the way the world’s data is stored and accessed.


- Luke Behnke, Director of Product

We’re Evolving – Introducing the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform

Brian Taptich

Over the past couple of years we’ve been working hard to build the most secure, scalable and feature-rich consumer cloud storage service. Our unique user-controlled encryption, streaming capabilities and sharing functionality have helped thousands of consumers manage, protect and enjoy their digital belongings. During this time, our service has been well and truly battle-tested to the point where we now store more than 40 petabytes of data, with local storage in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, achieving 99.999 percent uptime since launch. Late last year, we announced our consumer API and now have more than 5,000 developers using it to build feature-rich apps.

Now, we’re responding to overwhelming demand from the developer community, and today announced our plans to deliver the Bitcasa Cloud File System (FS) as an API. With the Bitcasa CloudFS API, developers can reduce costs and development cycles, and tap into a high performance, secure and scalable file system that connects multiple public clouds and regions.

Whether you’re a developer looking for a high performance file system that’s secure and scalable, or a telecommunications provider looking to offer customers a branded cloud storage service, the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform reduces risk and costs while accelerating time to deployment.

Exposing our applications through an open API interface was a natural evolution for us. We’ve invested in the difficult part so developers and brands can focus on their customers, instead of trying to reinvent the cloud storage wheel.

With this evolution we have also expanded our management team, adding a new SVP of marketing and product, Ranajit Nevatia; VP of engineering, David Lai; and a new VP of business development, Joe Lyons. All have in-depth experience in cloud and storage technologies, and will help grow our business and deliver on our vision.

For existing customers, our commitment remains unchanged and we’ll continue to invest in and develop our consumer offering. In fact, much of the new innovations that the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform will generate will help us to continue to extend our consumer offering.

The Bitcasa CloudFS Platform will be available later this Spring, but developers can sign up now to be part of our beta. For more information on the platform and benefits to organizations, developers and service providers, visit

These are exciting times for us, as we look to open up our platform for developers and organizations to build on. So next time your developer buddies are complaining about the hassles of storage and back-end infrastructure, tell them to quit complaining and talk to Bitcasa.

Bitcasa CloudFS Platform API


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