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Let’s Talk Cyber Security


Halloween, football season, fall leaves, and a plethora of other good things that come with the month of October. But it’s also National Cyber Security Awareness Month, one of our favorite national observance months!

The world of 24/7 connection brings with it great risk, and you don’t have to look far to see why consumers faith in the ability of online services to protect their data is dwindling. At the time of writing, everyone’s favorite self-destructing photo app, Snapchat provides yet another example of an app that has struggled to keep user data under wraps.

Right from the outset Bitcasa was built with security in mind. When we began life as a consumer cloud storage service focused helping consumers replace their hard drives with cloud storage. With our users storing all of their data – images, music, videos, sensitive documents in their Bitcasa Drive, we had to ensure the tightest security.

We delivered this through block-level, AES-256, client-side encryption, which encrypts our users’ data before it leaves the device. Meaning that even Bitcasa cannot see users’ files.

Since then we’ve expanded our service to developers, mobile carriers and devices makers, so they can leverage our cloud file system APIs and offer their users’ high-performance, scalable and customizable cloud storage solutions for their users with the same robust security that we offer consumer. We’ve also added regional storage so European data stays in Europe, Asian data stays in Asia, and American data is stored in the U.S.A.

Turns out security is high on developers’ list of priorities too. Recently 231 developers participated in a data storage survey, which showed security was the number one priority when selecting storage for their applications. The full survey will be released later this month.

If you’re a developer and need a better way to securely and efficiently manage user data, this October check out Bitcasa CloudFS.

5 tips for a successful hackathon/online app challenge submission


You or your team have worked hard on an app submission and now it’s time to sell your idea to the judges. But even a great app idea can fail if not presented correctly. Likewise, a less spectacular app will stand out with a great presentation. Whether it is in person or an online submission, follow these tips to stand out among your competitors.

Don’t forget your problem statement
Don’t lose sight of the problem your app is trying to solve. It’s easy to get lost in the technical functionalities of your app and lose sight of the big picture. Keep the problem statement short and dive right in.

Tell a story
To stand out in the crowd, it’s important to pitch something memorable or relatable. Stories are great at accomplishing both. Keep thinking of what that story will be throughout your development process. Not only will it help guide your app development but will require less stress when it comes time to present the story. Hint: Weave in that problem statement.

Read the directions
It’s something we’ve been told to do since grade school but is so often overlooked. The worst thing is to lose points because you missed a key criteria mentioned in the guidelines. Create a checklist upfront and check things off as you incorporate them.

Stick to essential workflows
Time is of the essence when you only have 3-5 minutes to present. There may be parts of your presentation that require basic or mundane flows. Consider setting up your demo in a way that you can skip these so you can focus on the juicy bits.

This applies more to live presentations where things can go wrong and you have no control over it. No one expects the app to work perfectly. So if you know the app might give up on you at certain points, have a backup plan in place. At the very least, make a joke and move on as soon as possible. Don’t get flustered and forget to close the presentation effectively.

Now its time to put these to the test with our Bitcasa CloudFS challenge. We’ve partnered with ChallengePost in search of creative uses of our new CloudFS APIs and are giving away $7,500 in cash prizes to top submissions. We already have over 30 teams building so don’t miss out on the fun and a chance to win great prizes.  Accept the challenge!

Can you think of more tips to share from your experiences? Leave us a comment below!

Ease your Move to a More Secure Home with Mover!

No one enjoys moving – it’s always such a difficult process. But, with our newest API partner Mover, moving your data from cloud-to-cloud has become a breeze! Mover provides over 20 connectors to various storage providers, making it super easy to move or archive your files from other storage providers to your Bitcasa account. Users who’ve chosen Bitcasa for its privacy, security, media streaming, and ease of use, can now move all their files right into Bitcasa with just one click!

When we tested Mover’s simple UI, it literally took just a few minutes to move all our files into Bitcasa. You simply select a source, such as Dropbox, select Bitcasa as the destination, and then click Run. Mover will start a background task to move your files and then notify you when it’s done!

Try out Mover

So why use Mover with Bitcasa? Well, it supports these common use cases:

1. Get organized. Easily move your files from one cloud to another, so you don’t have to worry where you put what.

2. Clear up space. Migrate large amounts of business or personal data for easy archiving.

3. Never lose your data. Schedule regular backups of your cloud accounts into Bitcasa, which supports full versioning.

Bitcasa gives you full privacy on all your files with client-side encryption. This means that you, and no one else, can access your data. Bitcasa also uses regional data storage so that uploaded data remains local. This is awesome, especially for international users, as it offers the benefit of faster performance coupled with additional data protection.

Additionally, you can even move files from your own private servers such as ftp, webdav, S3, or Rackspace. Mover ensures you have the fastest server-to-server bandwidth between the source and destination. If you have a lot data, Mover can work with you to optimize the transfer, too. This is perfect for businesses who want to pre-load their Bitcasa account with existing data and files.

Mover is the best way to move files to, from or even between cloud storage providers. Ready to give it a shot? Learn how easily you can move your files to Bitcasa today!

Here’s how it works: How works

Telecommunications Service Providers: It’s Time to Call Bitcasa

Cloud computing conceptWith the proliferation of digital devices, the demand for cloud storage is more pressing than ever. Recently, a Nielsen report found that the average American owns four digital devices and spends 60 hours a week consuming content across these devices. Today’s consumer is more connected than ever and is embracing opportunities to access their content from anywhere, anytime. Another recently released Cisco report predicted that mobile data will be 11 times what it is today by 2018, reaching 18 exabytes per month – that’s 900,000 years’ worth of DVD-quality video produced every month.

With a robust and highly scalable platform, Bitcasa is well positioned to help solve the capacity challenge and cater to the substantial growth in demand for storage. What’s more, we’re evolving our platform and working on a number of new services that will help our partners and developers deliver highly secure and accessible cloud storage.

New Mobile Partnerships

This week we announced partnerships with a number of telecommunications and mobile device companies such as Huawei, Samsung and Telefonica. Using Bitcasa our partners are removing in-device storage limitations and providing their customers with seamless access to documents, music, videos and photos across devices. Our highly secure enterprise-grade encryption, seamless integration, and simple sharing and streaming functionality instantly adds value to our partner’s products, and creates customer loyalty in the process.

New Services Coming Soon!

Today, Bitcasa’s VP of product and marketing, Ranajit Nevatia, will also be presenting at the Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF) hosted by the Telecom Council. He will share details on some of the exciting new business offerings we have in store for 2014, and how telecommunications companies and OEMs can leverage our platform to save costs, drive customer loyalty and add value. If you’re interested in joining us at the session, you can apply or get more information here.

If you’re a telecommunications service provider or OEM wanting to differentiate your products in the market you’ll want to hear what we have planned. Stay tuned for more details or join us on Friday at Silicon Valley’s Telecom Council event.

Ta-Da! iOS Gets a Sleek New Look

Sleek, smart and streamlined…what could be better than that? We’ve released our Bitcasa iOS7 app and it’s ready for you to download.


We’ve incorporated your feedback into the new app making it easier than ever to put your digital library to work on your iPad and iPhone. See what’s in store on the new app:

  • Out of sight, out of mind! Now uploads and downloads will intelligently finish even when the app is closed.
  • Sharing is only a click and a swipe away with our new feature that lets you send photos, videos and more via text message.

Have you given the iOS7 app a test drive on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know what you think.

Have you Checked out our New Web App Yet?

We’ve released an intuitive, sleek Web app with enhanced capabilities that make it easier to store, find and stream your digital content.

Some of the cool new features in our updated Web app include:

  •  Intuitive design: We’ve added a navigation sidebar on the left so you can easily drag and drop files to move or upload them and quickly select files to move, copy and rename.
  • Improved data and device management: Do you use Bitcasa from your smartphone, desktop AND tablet? Now you can view all of your Bitcasa-connected devices in one screen. With a unified view you can remotely manage and cancel sessions in the case of lost or stolen devices.

  • Unified viewer: From movies to RAW images, you can simultaneously view multiple files with our new unified viewer.

  • Share with family and friends:  Have a birthday photo album you want to quickly share? With the new app update sharing just got simpler! Thanks to deeper integration with Facebook, Twitter and email you can more easily send files to your social circles with the click of a button.

Bitcasa New Portal

 The introduction of our slick new Web app is just one of the ways we are making it easier to access and store your digital belongings. On our roadmap we also have bandwidth controls, collaborative folders, large upload performance, increased computer resource management (CPU, memory usage, etc.) and Proxy support.

 Stay tuned for more updates and let us know what you think of the new Web app!

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Oh Snap! Bitcasa’s Enhanced Mobile App

We have more great updates for Bitcasa users who are on the go! With our updated iOS and Android apps, the mobile experience just got a whole lot sweeter.

These latest improvements mean mobile users can easily organize, move or delete content directly from their phone with ease! And iOS users can now share files with a simple text message and get their .gifs fix on with expanded support for media formats. For a list of other file formats we support check out this post.








For Android Users:

  • Option to “Export” or “Upload” your digital content from an external SD card to make transferring files to and from Bitcasa even easier
  • Added ability to “Move” files and folders via ‘Quick Action’ menu
  • Simple organization with multi-delete option
  • New “clear cache” feature to manage local space

 For iOS users:

  • Quickly organize content with added ability to “Move” files and folders and “Swipe” to delete
  • Share your files with others via text message
  • Awesome video transcoding allows you to ‘seek’ videos
  • View, open and enjoy .gifs!


On top of all these updates we’ve added multi-window functionality for all Samsung devices and made tons of bug fixes and performance improvements. So whether you use Android or iOS check out these updates and let us know what you think.

Bitcasa Makes “Progress” on the Desktop

The Bitcasa desktop experience just got better with new upload progress meters!

With the release our latest desktop apps for Mac and Windows, we’ve made an update to help give you better feedback on the progress of your uploads. We’ve also taken a major step forward in bug fixes and stability improvements, specifically around large file uploads. These updates will help keep you in the know about what is happening when you mirror your folders.

So what’s new for our desktop apps? With the latest updates, users will now enjoy:

  • New Mirroring upload progress bars to better display progress of Folder Mirror uploads for Mac and Windows users.

  • The ability to pause and cancel folder mirror jobs in progress

  • Smoother uploads for large files

Check out the individual release notes for Mac and Windows for more details.

What are you waiting for? Try the new desktop apps today and let us know what you think about these improvements!

Ch-ch-changes! Android App Gets an Update

Android users, it’s time to update your Bitcasa app! We’ve just released a new and improved version of the Bitcasa mobile app which means better usability and increased performance for you!

These changes make organizing, browsing, sharing and enjoying your digital files a breeze, while getting access to the same infinite and secure storage you love.

create folder multiselect sort

So what’s new? With the new Android app users will enjoy:

  • Added “Export” ability so you can download files anywhere on your device

  • Option to sort files alphabetically and chronologically

  • Ability to swipe left to right through photos in “My Drive,” “Recents” and “Favorites” view

  • Ability to hit next/previous while listening to music in “My Drive,” “Recents” and “Favorites” view

  • Multi-select capabilities for  Android V3.0+

  • The ability to create a new folder in “My Drive” view to organize files

  • Play entire albums if a single track is selected from music album view

  • Improved search, stability and performance and more!

An enhanced mobile experience is just moments away. Download Bitcasa’s Mobile App for Android (Version 2.1.0) from the Google Play Store or click “Update” in the app store, and let us know what you think.

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Slide, Swipe Scroll: Bitcasa’s Improved iOS Experience

It’s beautiful, it’s sleek and it was made with you in mind! We’re talking about our updated Bitcasa apps for iOS and Android.

Yesterday we launched a new version of Bitcasa and one of the enhancements that has us excited is the mobile app makeover! You’ll be happy to see the smart search option on every page and intuitive ways to share and bookmark files. All of these changes make navigation, organization and customization a breeze!

Check out the iOS demo video below to see how you can access Bitcasa Infinite Drive the way you want from wherever you want.

Have you tried out our new mobile experience? Let us know what your favorite features are!

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