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10 Things Developers Love

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day looming, many conversations about romantic getaways, fancy dinner outings and overindulging in chocolate can be overheard in the office. At Bitcasa, we want to show some love too. With our Valentine’s Day spirit sky high, we asked around our developer friends and put together a list of things developers love. Enjoy!

  • 1. That feeling after a successful deployment
  • 2. The power to say I love you in different languages
  • 3. The ability to work from anywhere
  • 4. The response to this Facebook status
  • 5. The starting salary at your first job out of college
  • 6. That magical elixir called beer
  • 7. That overwhelmingly happy feeling seeing your first program work
  • 8. When others try and speak to you in your own language
  • 9. The definition of a “programmer” in the urban dictionary
  • 10. And Dilbert
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Feb 11 2015

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