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We’re Evolving – Introducing the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform

Brian Taptich Over the past couple of years we’ve been working hard to build the most secure, scalable and feature-rich consumer cloud storage service. Our unique user-controlled encryption, streaming capabilities and sharing functionality have helped thousands of consumers manage, protect and enjoy their digital belongings. During this time, our service has been well and truly battle-tested to the point where we now store more than 40 petabytes of data, with local storage in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, achieving 99.999 percent uptime since launch. Late last year, we announced our consumer API and now have more than 5,000 developers using it to build feature-rich apps. Now, we’re responding to overwhelming demand from the developer community, and today announced our plans to deliver the Bitcasa Cloud File System (FS) as an API. With the Bitcasa CloudFS API, developers can reduce costs and development cycles, and tap into a high performance, secure and scalable file system that connects multiple public clouds and regions. Whether you’re a developer looking for a high performance file system that’s secure and scalable, or a telecommunications provider looking to offer customers a branded cloud storage service, the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform reduces risk and costs while accelerating time to deployment. Exposing our applications through an open API interface was a natural evolution for us. We’ve invested in the difficult part so developers and brands can focus on their customers, instead of trying to reinvent the cloud storage wheel. With this evolution we have also expanded our management team, adding a new SVP of marketing and product, Ranajit Nevatia; VP of engineering, David Lai; and a new VP of business development, Joe Lyons. All have in-depth experience in cloud and storage technologies, and will help grow our business and deliver on our vision. For existing customers, our commitment remains unchanged and we’ll continue to invest in and develop our consumer offering. In fact, much of the new innovations that the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform will generate will help us to continue to extend our consumer offering. The Bitcasa CloudFS Platform will be available later this Spring, but developers can sign up now to be part of our beta. For more information on the platform and benefits to organizations, developers and service providers, visit These are exciting times for us, as we look to open up our platform for developers and organizations to build on. So next time your developer buddies are complaining about the hassles of storage and back-end infrastructure, tell them to quit complaining and talk to Bitcasa. Bitcasa CloudFS Platform API  
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May 06 2014


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6 thoughts on “We’re Evolving – Introducing the Bitcasa CloudFS Platform

  1. Raspoutine says:

    BITCASA said :

    “For our existing customers here’s a breakdown of how the changes apply to you:

    Customers who have already signed up and paid for our Infinite plan (monthly or annual) will remain on that pricing plan.”

    FOREVER, don’t forget please.

    I love this cloud.

    • Observer says:

      Agree with you…for me Bitcasa has been the best choice I’ve ever made regarding cloud storage. My plans are to stay forever as a loyal Bitcasa user if old customer’s pricing plan stays forever too! Bitcasa will be definitely leading the cloud market in the near future as it’s heading towards to do so with all these recent improvements…

  2. Steve Holt says:

    I hope this means the consumer product will be getting a proxy setting soon. Not being to use this at work is like having a Porsche and not being able to take it out of the garage.

  3. […] other Bitcasa news their API is starting to take off and they have announced the CloudFS platform. While they are getting some services, like Otixo, using the API this new CloudFS looks like it […]

  4. rafaelwv says:

    I (still) am a bitcasa user with the “grandfathered” infinite-storage plan. I have uploaded about 3 Tb of data and it seems that some files are corrupted, not uploaded entirely and not mirrored at all. Mirrored folder disappear from one day to another and I had to use the versioning tool to recover the files. Bitcasa is still not ready for consumers, so why should professionals and devs use it? Furthermore: promises were not kept (still no linux cliet for early adopters!).

    I am testing now, and I have already uploaded 300GB of files (upload speeds are better than bitcasa), no files were lost and I can even access my files from any webdav-capable device or software.

  5. m88 says:

    Excellent post. I’m facing some of these issues as well..

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