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Bitcasa: Coming to a TV near you!


With the world becoming increasingly connected, it only makes sense that you should be able to see what you want, where you want, on what device/screen you want.

At Bitcasa, we’re committed to making all your content-viewing dreams come true… one device at a time. Today, we’re excited to share that our latest Android update will include our first step towards full Chromecast support. We are enabling cast for videos and music in addition to providing a few core controls: pause, play and volume adjustment.

What does that really mean? It means you can now stream any of the content stored in your Bitcasa account, to your TV via Chromecast. Want to broadcast your son or daughter’s embarrassing baby pictures during her birthday party? Done! Want to reminisce over that time you sang “Baby Got Back” at a karaoke bar? Done!

When it comes to sharing and viewing content with your friends and family, mobile and PC just don’t cut the mustard. Now you can sit back, relax, bring out the popcorn and view your content the way it should be viewed, reliving your best-captured moments on TV! Because your cat deserves to be admired in HD!

As you try out the first iteration of Bitcasa’s Chromecast support, we’d love to hear from you so that we can integrate your feedback into our plans for a more immersive casting experience.

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Apr 22 2014


Android, Bitcasa News

13 thoughts on “Bitcasa: Coming to a TV near you!

  1. Simon JB says:

    Good idea…I will test that once the android update is available. Hope it streams and buffers faster than the in-app player…

    Do you think bitcasa could detect the subtitles (srt files, in the same folder, with the same name as the video file) and expose them to the chromecast too ? Apart from Plex (and it doesn’t work very well), very few apps actually handle chromecasting with subtitles.

    • Brent711 says:

      Videostream handles subtitles. You can find it in the Android or Chrome Store.

      • Simon JB says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it, but actually chrome itself handles streaming with subtitle (through HTML5 video) if I want to use a local file. If videostream is better than plex or standard chrome, I’ll use that.

        Videostream doesn’t handle streaming from bitcasa yet 😉

  2. […] company formally announced the news today, though it seems the update was actually rolled out a couple of weeks ago. We tested the feature […]

  3. […] Bitcasa today officially added Chromecast support. The Android app for Bitcasa has been updated with Chromecast support, the company said in a blogpost. […]

  4. […] company formally announced the news today, though it seems the update was actually rolled out a couple of weeks ago. We tested the feature […]

  5. Bitcasa User says:

    Your App for Android is not compatible with Google TV. How many more years we have to wait?

  6. stosh says:

    I would like to see chromecast support added to the web portal as well. I use a chromebook and chromecasting the whole tab doesn’t work very well. built in chromecast support would be great.

  7. popzeuss says:

    so is this implying that it does not work on the iPhone app since it says android news? if so, why the hell would you not make it work on the iPhone as well at the same time?

  8. stosh says:

    I’ve been trying to use this feature, but as usual with bitcasa, it doesn’t really work. Stops all the time, scrubbing through a video doesn’t work, when it messes up and you disconnect from chromecast and then try to reconnect it starts at the begining of the video. Do you guys ever release features that work? I can’t even get video scrubbing to work on my android tablet or phone without using chromecast.

  9. Alex B. says:

    What about an app for smart TVs?

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