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Ta-Da! iOS Gets a Sleek New Look

Sleek, smart and streamlined…what could be better than that? We’ve released our Bitcasa iOS7 app and it’s ready for you to download.


We’ve incorporated your feedback into the new app making it easier than ever to put your digital library to work on your iPad and iPhone. See what’s in store on the new app:

  • Out of sight, out of mind! Now uploads and downloads will intelligently finish even when the app is closed.
  • Sharing is only a click and a swipe away with our new feature that lets you send photos, videos and more via text message.

Have you given the iOS7 app a test drive on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know what you think.

Feb 18 2014


App Update, Bitcasa News, iOS

7 thoughts on “Ta-Da! iOS Gets a Sleek New Look

  1. Nathaniel (: says:

    This update is insane!!! I love it

  2. lisabindnerBrian Bindner says:

    When I turn on the app, I can´t use my network at all. It´s eating all my bandwidth. The desktop app has the same problem, but I am using netbalancer and it works great. Why don´t you implement something instead of having to rely on third party software to make YOUR software usable? If anyone knows something like netbalancer for iPhone, I would love to hear about it.

  3. Prasad says:

    Looks great and works well. Keep up the good work.

  4. Andy says:

    Appstore says its free but then asks for my credit card info. Why??

  5. Nick says:

    Looks great but still has a hard time playing media.

  6. prascillaJoe says:

    Wow, Bitcasa sure has fallen quite a bit hasn’t it? First the massive price increase and subsequently a huge chunk of customers who were once loyal had flocked elsewhere. To be honest I can’t say I blame them. Zoolz and Opendrive work a lot faster… Where it took almost two or three months to upload 87 GB worth of stuff, with Opendrive and Zoolz it takes at most a couple of days. And guess what? No huge price increase! Millions of people love Opendrive and Zoolz.

  7. Joe says:

    Looks better than before, definitely. But you should revisit your home screen. It doesn’t work in practice! It fetches any image, any music and any video. Especially images, they’re not my photos but image files from apps. I don’t see those nice images because it can’t extract cover art and even thumbs on the fly. I’d like to choose which folders are my image folders, my music folder …

    I had to use the generic drive/folder/file view. I’m fine with it. But I’ll like to add favorite folder shortcuts, switch views in any folder between files/detail view and thumbnail view. I’d like to see thumbs generated on the server side and be pushed to my device (I can’t see RAW thumbs on iOS but in the browser). I’d like to see a folder structure cache. It has to feel much fast. Dropbox or Flickr are much faster in display my image previews while Bitcasa is unusable slow.

    I recently tried Airfile for iOS which can access Bitcasa and it feels much, much faster. So, it’s not only the slow download performance but the app itself (downloading and streaming with Airfile is actually also very slow). Presumably they use a better caching method.

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