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Plex Integrates Bitcasa

Plex integrates Bitcasa We’re excited to announce that your Bitcasa Infinite Drive can now be connected to Plex, the world’s best media streaming server. Plex is a premiere media app that organizes and showcases all of your personal media files. Now through our Bitcasa API, Plex has integrated Bitcasa as a great storage option for their Cloud Sync service. In our untiring quest to make your media consumption as easy and enjoyable as possible, Plex + Bitcasa means you can now:
  • Showcase your media content in a beautiful Home Theatre experience
  • Stream your Plex content without using up additional device storage space
  • Stream easily even in limited bandwidth situations
  • Enjoy your media on the go without running a Plex server
Through the month of January, sign up with the promo code PLEX20 to get 20% off your annual 1TB subscription. Experience your media on Plex today. Your media has never looked this good!
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Dec 16 2013


Bitcasa News, Developer

19 thoughts on “Plex Integrates Bitcasa

  1. Montanari says:

    Do we need to migrate to the new price plan to get this too?

  2. Jeremy says:

    Too bad there is no discount on PlexPass need to benefit of Bitcasa in Plex.

  3. jamauai says:

    Too bad it doesn’t work. Plex devs are looking into a fix.

  4. An XBMC Plugin would be great too! with of course no mandatory plan change to use it (yes it’s xmas soon, hope, gifts and dreams comes true!)

  5. Eduardo says:

    Not working! on their blog they say: “elan December 14th, 2013 11:02 pm

    @jamauai ~ we’ve notified Bitcasa, seems to be an issue with their API.”

  6. Will it be possible to sync the data on my Bitcasa server with Plex? Instead of uploading everything can it not just do a “sync”?

  7. Zu says:

    Good luck using this with a large media collection. The ‘infinite’ drive died with the price change, now they’re trying to get rid of the legacy customers by claiming the 2% are ‘suspicious’ and flagging their accounts.

  8. Private says:

    The movement was predictable. Now Bitcasa threat to their old customers. They want to cancel accounts. Bitcasa is now sending threatening emails to former customers to suspend the account based on nothing more than “suspicion” of “illegal use”. They demand that we explain the use without providing any evidence of violation of terms. This is only a pretext to terminate accounts of old customers that stored large amounts of information. Following up the price 1000% want to cut the head of the old customers. They want to impose their new business model.

  9. Hurry up and sign up. Soon they will bump it up to $1000/month. Which is like One Gazillion Dollars for regular consumers…

  10. Sam says:

    Why exactly are they still calling it the “Infinite Drive,” when only those willing to fork out a thousand bucks a year get an actual “infinite” drive?

  11. linuxguy says:

    This… says everything about Bitcasa’s future..

    More are talking, less are liking!

    • Jenatha says:

      I hate to break it to you, but 495 people are talking about it Vs. 11,600 something likes? So their page is at leas 11,00 fans strong.

  12. This is a really nice feature. Although, given the nature and user-base of Plex, I suspect this may be a subtle (or not so subtle) hint to upload *videos* to Bitcasa so that there is less unique *videos* taking up actual storage space for the same video-content. However, as it stands currently, unique files on Bitcasa appear to be more secure than redundant common/popular *files* using the same encryption. It’s worth mentioning that I know people who encode blurays with handbrake to upload to Bitcasa because they don’t trust the *popular* files if the same encryption can purportedly be discerned and tracked back to them.

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  14. […] November 2013, we have seen a number of applications integrate our cloud storage platform including Plex, which consolidates and streams media; Kloudless, which consolidates aggregates email attachments; […]

  15. Dis appointed says:

    Over 2 months and it still does not work !!!

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