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New Windows & Mac Updates!

Over the last month, our team has been working hard to stabilize and improve the performance of our Infinite Drive for Windows and Mac desktops.

Just released, the updated Windows and Mac desktop clients are now available for download on our website at We will also be pushing an in-app upgrade notification for all Mac users (Windows users should already have received a notification). With these updates you can expect faster upload and download times, and an overall improvement in performance and stability across the board.

Windows updates include:

  • Boosted Explorer performance

  • Faster performance when uploading concurrently from multiple machines

  • Optimized cache to make it faster and more responsive, especially for large or full caches

  • Improved performance on large copy jobs

  • File uploads from local cache will continue if Bitcasa is interrupted

  • Fixes Windows issue with displaying Mirrored drives named with a colon (i.e. “E:” will now display “E Drive” and be accessible from all Windows operating systems)

  • Ability to change your device’s name via the “Settings” menu

Mac updates include:
  • Major stability and performance improvements across the board

  • Improved performance on large copy jobs

  • Boosted Finder performance

  • Faster performance when uploading concurrently from multiple machines

  • Optimized cache to make it faster and more responsive, especially for large or full caches

We realize for many of you have been waiting for this, so thank you for your patience and continued support.   [UPDATE: Mac users — if you experience an issue upgrading the Mac client, just delete the “Bitcasa” app from your Applications folder and run the latest version downloaded from Don’t worry, all your data and settings will be perfectly safe!]
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May 16 2013


Bitcasa News, Bitcasa Tech, Mac

52 thoughts on “New Windows & Mac Updates!

  1. Great! As I stated in the support forums: Your Windows-Dev Team is fast and it seems Mac is catching up. Good! But *please* do not forget the Linux users… we are waiting for so long now. :)

  2. Christopher Taylor says:

    What is the version number for the new Windows build? I have been on for some time now, and every time I click on “Download” on it proceeds to download Am I missing something?

    • Bitcasa says:

      You’re an early adopter! 😉 We released Windows V1.1 last week but are announcing it now since Mac is now available. So Windows V1.1 is indeed the latest version. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. It’s hard to take bitcasa seriously when they still don’t have a Linux client.

    • GS says:

      It’s hard to take Linux desktop users seriosly as well. What are you 3% of market?

      • KJ says:

        It is not only the desktop users so the market is potentially much bigger(server backups etc.)
        also if they would just release something of an API we would build our own clients.

  4. Dominik zawadzki says:

    is this the 1061 build that was released some time ago??

  5. Marc says:

    Mac version still reports as 1061 even after install of 1102 in About dialog… Is that an error or did it not update?

  6. djlaube says:

    For the Mac client, I had to uninstall using the uninstall script.
    – Exit bitcasa
    – Open Applications folder
    – Right click on Bitcasa app and choose “show package contents”
    – Expand “Contents” folder
    – Expand “Resources” folder
    – Double-click on “uninstaller.scpt”
    – In the window that appears, click on the “Run” icon near the top.

    Then install the 1102 pkg. Now it shows the version as 1.1 (Build 1102) in the client. Screenshot:

    Windows version looks to be the same at

    • Christopher Taylor says:

      Okay, glad I’m not the only one still getting downloads of for Windows.

    • Bitcasa says:

      Hey all – if you experience an issue upgrading the Mac client, just delete the “Bitcasa” app from your Applications folder and run the latest version downloaded from Don’t worry, all your data and settings will be perfectly safe!

      Windows is the same as what was released last week, we are just announcing it now on the blog since Mac is also available.

  7. GS says:

    So how do we get a new version? Download from website? Autoupdate? None of the options seems to be working since website still tries to download 1.1

  8. Just did a fresh install on a Mac that hasn’t seen Bitcasa before.

    * I loaded and quit Bitcasa and Finder still restarts, killing any other copy/move/etc operation in progress
    * I edited the “Show Infinite Drive on Desktop” setting and it still overrides Finder’s setting for all connected servers, not just Bitcasa
    * I tried mirroring Pictures and it aborted prematurely when it got to the symbolic link in the iPhoto folder
    * I tried quitting after the failed mirror and it’s been sitting on “Exiting Bitcasa” for 15 minutes
    * It’s still not remembering the “Don’t show again” checkbox, so it’s still prompting to mirror my Time Capsule’s Time Machine image to Bitcasa every time Bitcasa’s run

    I really want Bitcasa to succeed. I like the promise of effectively unlimited storage. But the Mac client is still fundamentally broken.

    • Bitcasa says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Our support team ( can definitely help troubleshoot issues with your system.

      As for bullets 1,2, and 5:

      #1 Will be fixed in the next build. No more Finder restarts!
      #2 Bitcasa appears to the OS as a network server, so this setting must be checked globally for us to show up. We are working on a workaround.
      #5 Will be fixed in the next build.

  9. Ryan K says:

    Updated to this latest build of on my Windows 7 box, rebooted and was greeted with a BSOD – corrupted ntdll.dll. I saved my machine without having to re-install the O/S, but i’m done with Bitcasa. It’s been uninstalled.

    You have my money already…nothing I can do about that. I blame myself for not fully vetting the solution before handing over the cash. The buggy clients and the lack of bandwidth control meant that in the many months I’ve had a Bitcasa account, there are exactly ZERO files on my Infinite drive.

  10. Thanks guys, Love your work.
    I’m on mac and I still get the “The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -50).” many times.
    Then the finder freezes – all operations stop for a minute or two and that it leaves empty folders / zero byte files and i have to copy again. So I usually need to copy in small portions like 200MB each.

  11. Andrey Novoselov says:

    This ver still shows that i’m free account user on my MacBook, but actually have paid account… Windows ver slows down the copy job after uploading 5-6 Gb – from 6000 kbps down to 5-10 kbps. There are other bugs too.
    BTW is there an email for bug reports?

  12. Tekka says:

    Big deception here :( still no mirroring from the second drive on OSX…
    I have a 128Go SSD and a 1To HDD in my iMac, and I was an happy beta tester but since I gave my money, I just cannot use it AT ALL !!
    You promised to resolve this quickly, but it’s been a while now… Is it still in the plans ? Otherwise I would like to ask for a reimbursement… I pay 1 year and will not be able to use it…
    And please don’t tell me to change my Hard Drives to a Fusion Drive :( (would this work actually ? )

  13. cubacooler says:

    Same problem, what do you mean by “very soon”

  14. Mike says:

    Are there any plans to introduce sort of a “file sync” type of service. This is the only thing currently that has me attached to google drive. Some things I just need “saved” on the computer so I can work on it from any location, regardless of my internet availability. Other things are perfectly OK in the cloud.

  15. Jeff says:

    Why is bitcasa using 12,422,900 K of ram in windows 8?? WTF?

  16. Andy says:

    I’ve been a Bitcasa user since January 2012 and have experienced every build since that time. Yes there have been teething problems, such as the corrupted uploads builds and the latest for me is the memory leaks that the Windows version has, but I have found the product value for money, and well worthwhile. It seems to me that people are all too keen to complain and I have never seen a comment singing this products praises, so I thought I would. The work the Bitcasa staff put into this product is amazing. They are not Google, Apple or Mi$ro$oft and do not have billions to pump into the most amazing product from square one, in fact who does. Look at early builds of Android and iOS. They are poor in comparison to the latest versions. I so appreciate being able to use Bitcasa across my 2 laptops, desktop, cell phone and tablet. How amazing is that?

    • Jeff says:

      I agree, It’s a great product, but it still has a way to go. Even with all the issues I would gladly still pay the yearly cost.

  17. Insert borderline hopeless plea for Linux client/API access/general nod in our direction here. And yes, I am a paying customer, so I reserve the right to b1+ch…

    • Bitcasa says:

      An updated Linux client and API access are still on the roadmap. We’ll be sure to post any progress updates as they become available!

      • I know it’s usually against policy for a lot of projects like these to post any timeline at all (like Cyanogenmod Android says, “Releases happen when they happen)
        ..but can we expect something Linux related in 2013 or is that asking too much?

  18. Bitcasa says:

    We definitely would like to have something available for Linux in 2013, and are committed to sharing any information we can when it becomes available!

  19. Christian says:

    Still get this messages “Upload prohibited due to security issues” when trying to mirror Mac Mail folder. Any news on when to expect solution for this?

    • Bitcasa says:

      Hi Christian! Unfortunately, the Mail folder cannot be mirrored, as mirroring this folder could potentially cause stability issues with the Mail application. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Christian says:

        OK, sorry to hear that because mail files is one of the important things for me to have backed up. In a earlier blog post i saw you were working on it, but was the result that this is now possible with out stability problems?

      • I’m using Mac. I also get the same message “Upload prohibited due to security issues” when I try to Mirror “Macintosh HD/User/<Username>/Library/Preferences” folder and “Macintosh HD/User/<Username>/Library/Application Support”. I want to backup these folder constantly because I have the important things in them. Will you have any solution on this issue?

  20. cyrill says:

    one of my favorite option is gone: the sync. very sad. now i have to look to another cloud system.

  21. Febe Demey says:

    Update for Mountain lion please!!

  22. Barbless says:

    New user. Checked the mirror hard drive, but only a few folders mirrored. When I tried to drag a 3.6 GB folder onto infinite drive, it chugged for a long time, getting nearly nowhere, and eventually estimated upload at 15 days. I cancelled. There aren’t enough “how tos” on your web support. Right clicking on my Macbook does NOT yield a “mirror” folder option. I don’t know where else to look for help, and am tempted to uninstall..

  23. Clotilde says:

    I experimented trouble with my Bitcasa Mac client, so I followed the instructions to uninstall it from my computer. But when I wanted to download it again in order to re-install it, I realized that there were no longer a client for my 10.6 system :
    Am I stuck now or is there a link where I can download a older version of Bitcasa, compatible with Mac OS 10.6.8 ? My hardware don’t allow me to update my system.

  24. Kaarl Hoopes says:

    Just installed Bitcasa. It’s been running a backup for about six hours and is using 4.9 GB RAM and growing! Can’t sustain this backup much longer. How soon will you have a fix?

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