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A Note to Linux Users

We want to provide you with a window into the status of the Bitcasa Linux client and our upcoming plans to support Linux

Our Linux alpha client is still active, although we do not recommend that users mix it with our new Mac / Windows clients at this time. Because of this, we removed it from the downloads page in order to prevent future users from having any issues.

However, we do have plans to better support Linux and update it to our latest experience so that it can be used cross-platform. As we do this, we’d love to get the community’s feedback on what you want most. Specifically, we often hear requests for these options:

  1. A “headless” Linux client. Essentially, make our library available to users.
  2. A full user interface similar to what is available on Mac and Windows.

Please let us know what you prefer as well as any other ideas you have in the comments below. Linux users are an integral piece of our community, and we look forward to giving you more support in the future.


Apr 27 2013


Bitcasa Tech

159 thoughts on “A Note to Linux Users

  1. Mahesh says:

    Glad to see an update. Personally, a headless client that allows mounting of Bitcasa drives would be a great start. But a full user interface like other platforms would be best for a general user.

  2. I would be happy with either as long as I can mount the drives.

  3. hugojosefson says:

    Headless please, first. Then I can mount it on my server without to much hassle.


  4. Yohann says:

    Open your API and let the community take care!

  5. jaredhanks says:

    I would love to be able to install it on my Synology NAS.

  6. Travis says:

    If you make a headless linux client, I will be a subscriber in a heartbeat!

  7. LuizJa says:

    Yeah, as many say for the beginning a headless one would be the best but, a lot of people including me would like a GUI like Win/Mac client

  8. 2xyo says:

    I have write a *very basic* headless client for linux based on CasperJS at

  9. Steve says:

    I*m subscriber, and headleass would be awesome. Some machines don*t have a gui at all..

  10. Henry Haack says:

    I would prefer a headless client that allows mounting Bitcasa as I Drive.

  11. ICDeadPpl says:

    32-bit version is a must!

  12. Paul Holt says:

    Headless client would be a start, followed by a GUI client, and 32 and 64 bit clients of both types

  13. vadipp says:

    Thanks for the heads up! A headless client would be a good start, followed by a full-blown gui version. The crucial thing is that it should work :)

  14. eduardcapell says:

    Headless please!

  15. First make the core a headless daemon running in the background. Then make a simple commandline tool to communicate with the daemon. Then make the API to the daemon public and let the community add Bitcasa-support to all their favourite file managers. Then, if someone doesn’t beat you to it, add the GUI.

  16. robert says:

    headless first!

  17. headless please! Would be great!

  18. Tobias says:


  19. Martin says:

    Headless and ARM-/x86-compatible, I’d love to use Bitcasa on my Raspberry Pi. The RasPi-Community is also a very strong one. Having a lot of innovative tools on various platforms based on Bitcasa would be cheap advertising for you.

  20. ElBob says:

    Headless, and you should be able to run it without root. That’d make my life a lot easier!

  21. GeJe says:

    I too would love to be able to use it on my Ubuntu server, to mount the drive for RSYNC backups.

  22. Ryugo Sadachi says:

    At first, simple functionality would be enough. Like:
    $ upload_to_bitcasa [options]

    Cross platform(Ubuntu, CentOS, etc) support is mandatory.
    Installation by root(as daemon?), usable by any users.

    GUI thru Web browser may be good for users who use Linux as PC.

  23. Jim Russell says:

    Headless. I would think that a FUSE-based filesystem mount would make the most sense.

  24. Full Client first, headless second. Anyway once you develop the “Full Client” the headless/cli-version is basically included in the dec process.

  25. […] For more info on the Linux client visit […]

  26. Michael Thomas says:

    Headless first! Make it so we can mount it like any other filesystem (FUSE). Also, support for ARM/X86/x64.

  27. John says:

    There should be a console text-only option, for us running a server. Currently I am syncing all my Linux data to my Windows PC because I want to use Bitcasa for my server files too.

  28. Alejandro says:

    Nice to see the update. I would use gui, but I guess that the headless is very useful from the comments, and I would learn how to use it. It is definitely a good service!.

  29. Definitely headless first!

  30. skye says:

    I purchased the service on the Promo for beta users, and only using windows in a VM, with all my other systems being Linux, it’s almost impossible to use Bitcasa. Is there at all a timeline on a Linux implementation? I would love a headless config driven implementation, with command line tools for seeing transfer status and the like.

  31. Richard Eng says:

    Headless FUSE based FS please, so I can fsync my files on my Ubuntu servers. I only have one Windows machine and seven Linux. Now I use the windows machine to backup my servers and clients to Bitcasa. That’s NOT a good solution. I will not renew my subscription unless we get decent Linux support.

    BTW: Can BitCasa support sparse files? It would also be cool to loopback mount an ext4 fs directly on BitCasa. Would that at all be possible?

    Please show Linux the attention it deserves…


    • danielhaller says:

      Same here. My main machines I’m working with are Linux. The idea of Bitcasa is great but if I don’t get a possibility to mount the drive in Linux it desn’t really makes sense for me. I will not renew the subscription if there is no possibility to mount the drive. A GUI is not necessary for me, I prefer CLI tools.

  32. Devonavar says:

    Whichever is faster … so … headless? I presume you’ll need to develop the client to get the functionality for the GUI anyway…

  33. Bao Tran says:

    Please make the headless client BSD compatible also so we can install it on our NAS systems such as FreeNAS and NAS4Free.

    This shouldn’t be too hard as Mac OSX essentially a BSD system already. :)

  34. Antonio says:

    Headless and support for more Linux flavours (Redhat/CentOs/Fedora). Full support would be nice, but more linux users comfortable with using the command line than pointing and clicking. Headless would also provide support for MANY more devices!

  35. Gabor Fekete says:

    I’m not sure how Bitcasa is implemented currently but based on this website and the intro videos, it sounds very promising.
    As a long time Linux user, here is the use case / functionality that I think would be very convenient:

    > cat $HOME/.config/bitcasa/bitcasa.conf


    # These files/dirs are read-only.
    # Changes do not sync back to the server.
    # When the bitcasa daemon is not running, these files disappear
    # from the file system.
    # When offline but bitcasa daemon is still running, the cached versions
    # are used.

    PartyMusic = $HOME/music


    # These files/dirs are writable.
    # Changes sync back to the server.
    # When the bitcasa daemon is not running, these files disappear
    # from the file system.
    # When offline but bitcasa daemon is still running, the cached versions
    # are used.
    # Changes made during offline are synced to the server when going online.

    SchoolDocs = $HOME/school_documents


    # These files/dirs are read/write.
    # They are mirrored/synced between the local machine and the server.
    # When the bitcasa daemon is not running, the full content of these
    # files and directories remain on the file system.
    # Changes made during offline or without the bitcasa daemon are
    # synced to the server when going online or startig the bitcasa daemon.

    MyGoodDocs = $HOME/my_good_documents
    pictures_from_dallas = $HOME/pictures_from_dallas
    CodingProj = $HOME/coding_project
    Todos.txt = $HOME/todo_list.txt

    > # Start bitcasa daemon:
    > sudo start bitcasa
    > # Remote dirs may appear in ‘mount’ output:
    > mount…/joe.buck/music on /home/joe/music type bitcasafs (ro,…)…/joe.buck/school_documents on /home/joe/school_documents type bitcasafs (rw,…)

    > # Synchronized dirs/files do not appear in mount since they
    > # exist on the local client (i.e. not just cached but they really exist).
    > # Upload and sync a new directory:
    > bitcasa-cli sync start NewCodingProject $HOME/new_coding_project
    Creating NewCodigProject on the server…
    Uploading /home/joe/new_coding_project to NewCodigProject…
    NewCodigProject and /home/joe/new_coding_project are being kept in sync…

    > bitcasa-cli sync list
    MyGoodDocs = $HOME/my_good_documents
    pictures_from_dallas = $HOME/pictures_from_dallas
    CodingProj = $HOME/coding_project
    NewCodingProject = $HOME/new_coding_project

    > # Stop syncing a directory:
    > bitcasa-cli sync stop CodingProj
    > bitcasa-cli sync list
    MyGoodDocs = $HOME/my_good_documents
    pictures_from_dallas = $HOME/pictures_from_dallas
    NewCodingProject = $HOME/new_coding_project

    > # Start sync again:
    > bitcasa-cli sync start CodingProj $HOME/coding_project
    Directory CodingProj exists on server.
    Directory /home/joe/coding_project exists on client.
    Synchronizing CodingProj and /home/joe/coding_project…
    CodigProj and /home/joe/coding_project are being kept in sync…

    > bitcasa-cli sync list
    MyGoodDocs = $HOME/my_good_documents
    pictures_from_dallas = $HOME/pictures_from_dallas
    CodingProj = $HOME/coding_project
    NewCodingProject = $HOME/new_coding_project


    I hope it gives some useful ideas…
    Keep it up!

  36. Sebastian says:

    Headless please.

  37. winst says:

    Headless also. While implementing this headless client, make sure you have tested with rsync for large number of files. After that, if you can port this headless client to Mac will be great too.

  38. Ryo says:

    I do not care much about if headless or a nice GUI. But I need a Bitcasa-client ASAP.

    However, later on, it would be great to have a GUI-Version for the average user.

  39. Bitcasa says:

    Thanks for all of the feedback! We will post updates regarding our Linux client/Linux support as soon as they’re available. In the meantime, if you have any more feedback or ideas regarding the Linux client/Linux support, please feel free to post in the following forum on our support page:

  40. Quentin says:

    headless and GUI, preferably in Qt.

  41. Thomas says:

    Headless to provide NAS support

  42. Adam Petty says:

    I just rebuilt my linux computer and I need that alpha client to continue uploading my files. I can not use bitcasa without it. Please turn it back on or add a month to my accout for every month I can not use it.

  43. Reinier Suurenbroek says:

    Most important to me is access through rsync. I want to keep files in sync from my *nix based servers but I want to be in control. access with other decices (win-stations, android, ios) as something else.

  44. Björn says:

    Commandline client first! Definitely. A GUI version is nice-to-have but not really usable for many setups, mine included.

  45. Pehr says:

    Make this happen and I can ditch google drive :)

  46. fe says:

    Column above mistake

    I want to use the command line
    I have been using your bitcasa in combination with rsync

  47. Kreaninw says:

    That’s good. I’m waiting to subscribe Bitcasa, but my problem is that there’s no reliable client on Ubuntu yet. That’s when CrashPlan an unlimited storage is working with Linux and all mobile OSes for ages. But I had uploaded around 80GB files on Bitcasa since open beta, so I don’t want to start it at CrashPlan again.

    I still hope to see Linux client soon(not something alpha for me) and I will subscribe. Ubuntu support = subscribe for me.

  48. The blogpost was a month ago. I would assume that this particular blogpost and the related support-ticket has most interaction.

    The interesting thing: No poll about the options! Just this blogpost and the comments, but no poll at all. So are they wasting time counting all blogposts here and in the support forum? What are the results? What is the timeframe? Where can we apply for testing? Why is there no way to make the old client accessible again?

    A lot of questions BItcasa should start to answer.

  49. I vote for a headless Linux client and demon.

  50. Omid says:

    Definitely voting for a headless client; it will allow for so much more.

  51. Roman says:

    Headless all the way. SFTP, SCP or rsync would be perfect.

  52. Jeremy Hunt says:

    Seems linux dev is canned at the moment. I am a paying customer and I submitted a request to make the alpha client available again for download. This was the response I got (posted this as well in the support forum post):

    “Unfortunately the Linux client is no longer available due to problems we found in the Alpha phase of testing. We are planning on revisting the Linux client in the future but unfortunately do not have an eta on when that will be.” says they have linux support does anyone know if they do?

  53. Kreaninw says: is not good. Just read customer review and you will see it’s just a spam service. Just my opinion.

    If you’re looking for a reliable unlimited storage service, it’s Bitcasa. I stored 80GB of my data at Bitcasa since open beta and I didn’t pay them any cent to date due to no Linux support, but my data is still safe and sound.

    Another service I will recommend is CrashPlan. It’s unlimited storage service like Bitcasa, but they thread Linux users like other platforms. The price is the same as Bitcasa too.

    • Jeremy Hunt says:

      @Kreaninw, confirmed about…tried it and was thoroughly unimpressed…I was initially sooo impressed with bitcasa. I want to hope that they will get it figured out…

    • Paul says:

      Nice pointer to CrashPlan; going to check it out. I’ve been an early supporter of BitCasa but cannot support anything that doesn’t support my home environment:-(. If this works out, I will stick with it.

  54. Don Corriente says:

    I’d like to have bitcasa mountable on my linux system :)
    On the other hand I’d also like some auto-sync feature for the android app – this would make bitcasa the best ever =D

  55. Dhilung says:

    “Headless” would be great. Currently, I’ve to use a separate X-session so that my mountpoints survive logoff.

    Also, Bitcasa alone is using ~6GB of RAM! Hope that will be fixed in the next iteration.

  56. Mikr says:

    A headless solution would serve me the best. Been looking forward to one for some time

  57. keevildown says:

    Defiantly headless! This will open up the capabilities to a whole new user base, and take on crashplan! Please release HEADLESS!! I cant wait for this release…

  58. Ævar says:

    Step 1. Headless first without a doubt with ability to mount everything or a particular bitcasa directory.
    Step 2. Gui tool that just edits the config file.
    3. whatever else you might think of :) but yeah definetly headless first.. I use linux quite a bit but only on headless servers, I think that userbase is a lot bigger than users running linux desktop, but they could still use the headless version.
    I am already a subscriber with clients on windows and os x

  59. Lynn Dixon says:

    I would prefer some API so that Cinnamon and GNOME developers can incorporate Bitcasa into Nautilus or Thunar seamlessly.
    After that, I would rather see some sort of GUI since I tend to use GUI’s to do my daily work. heh.

    Any word on how Linux support is coming along?

  60. Yohann says:

    @Lynn Developer APIs coming soon (or not/never…) !

    “Any word on how Linux support is coming along?” < The Bitcasa team doesn't care of the Linux community. They don't even answer to comments.

  61. J D says:

    come on guys, give us a timeline already… At the very least, us paying customers deserve an update…

  62. GR says:

    I’m a paying costumer that is only paying to maintain my files with you guys. Since I cannot mix clients, and I lost some files doing so, I’m not even acessing bitcasa to be sure I wont loose anymore files. A deadline would be nice. If you guys opened the api to us, the Linux community could build it own gui and, perhaps, it would be even better/more stable than a hushed one, poorly developed, like it is the linux alpha client these days. I do know how it is to have a small developing team, but there have been a lot of updates for the mobile, windows and macosx clients, that I believe that a linux client would already be launched lagging behind in features with the other clients.

  63. Alex Amiryan says:

    First of all it will be nice to have some approximate deadline on when linux client will be ready. I think the most important part is ability to mount bitcasa anywhere user wants and make it mountable through /etc/fstab. Also ability to mirror any folder to specified bitcasa drive path.

    Keep up great work

  64. Stephen Bush says:

    Run a Daemon in the background for CLI and work on a GUI to interact with that as time allows.. really, just get on with it already!!!

  65. pavelpp says:

    rsync is actually quite useful when in comes to copying huge backups to Bitcasa drive. I have been using a Mac client with rsync successfully. I use “–bandwidth=” option to limit dispensing to cache, otherwise Bitcasa will hang if cache has grown too big. I set it to be slightly less than my upload speed limit and it works quite well.

  66. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  67. Mahesh says:

    Starting to run thin on patience here. Can we get an update – and preferably a timeline – on the Linux client please?

    • Alex Amiryan says:


    • Daniel says:

      Same here. A timeline is needed to know if we can rely on Bitcasa. It looks like nothing happens here.

    • trininox says:

      Agreed, I would really be happy just to have an Alpha of the ‘new’ client, plenty of users would jump on an updated alpha/beta client.

    • keevildown says:

      I would have to agree, this is getting silly now. If they released there so called API, or something for users to interact with, I’m pretty sure we could do the hard work ourselves! As for many people this is a huge PAIN IN THE ARSE and has been dragging on with no update for months now!

  68. Kevin says:

    I just found bicasa and would be interested in the yearly subscription, but the lack of a linux tool is a deal breaker.

    Let me know when you have one and we can talk.

    • Lynn Dixon says:

      I stopped worrying about Linux support with Bitcasa. They appear to not care. However, I have been loving Copy. Use this referral link and get 20 gig of free online storage, and for every friend you refer they give you another 5 gig.

      They have a really good Linux client, thats based on QT and works in any distro.

  69. Lynn Dixon says:

    I stopped worrying about Linux support with Bitcasa. They appear to not care. However, I have been loving Copy. Use this referral link and get 20 gig of free online storage, and for every friend you refer they give you another 5 gig.

    They have a really good Linux client, thats based on QT and works in any distro.

  70. Vladik says:

    Headless is needed as a hell with attributes users and all other stuff…

  71. Jack Bajic says:

    One vote for the headless client. In any case an ability to mount from command line. GUI can be an option but I don’t think it should be a requirement.

  72. Absolutely headless and libbitcasa (library!)

  73. Ryo says:

    What is about that Linux Client now?
    It’s ridiculous. You had a working alpha-client. Now you have nothing.
    What do you expect? That I go premium and can’t use it on my desktop? Makes no sense.

    I’m getting angry to be honest. You talk, you take away a client (i don’t give a crap about windows, I don’t use it on windows), and I don’t care if headless or GUI. I want to USE YOUR SERVICE. So please, let us do that.

  74. trininox says:

    I invite everyone to join me at the new community forums!

  75. Kreaninw says:

    I’m guessing that many Linux users were paid the first year subscription, hope the team will bring reliable client and service to them. But from what I can see, I think their effort will be waste. I knew, me too was dreaming that one day I will pay to this service. I really want to but I won’t pay to a broken thing which don’t care to fix it for me at all. This is not Kickstarter or Indiegogo. And now, they sent the e-mail warning me to subscribe to their plan. Sorry, please do whatever you want to my data, Bitcasa team…

  76. Adam Petty says:


    The uploading to the storage is slow
    The web and phone clients suck – how hard would it be to add a create folder function (unless its there and I’m missing it)
    And no solution in sight for linux.

    I paid for the year and since they do not do refunds I’ll keep it around until next Feb. But I will not renew if they dont fix it. Its useless to me now and I wasted almost $90.

    Crashplan, though not really a extentsion of drive space more of a backup service but it does allow me to restore my PC files to my phone.

    Crashplan –
    Unlimited space
    6-8x’s the upload speed
    has a linux client that works

    Thats all I want form Bitcasa and I’ll start using it again

  77. vectorz2 says:

    Bitcasa should allow for those who want it, to be able to get ahold of the OLD linux client in the interim while the new, more compatible, client is released. Just put a disclaimer when you download that old one that says “I understand that this client will make my Bitcasa storage profile no longer compatible with the current Windows, OSX and phone clients and the possibility of data if I do choose to mix their use”. I’m willing to pay for a secondary account just to have the Linux client profile isolated from my desktop and phone profile.

  78. GR says:

    I was too, one that paid the year subscription. It seemed easier to me, since I had almost 40GB of data. Not that much, but with the ADSL connections here in Brasil, where I have lots of download bandwidth and almost no upload, it took me a long time to up all that data to bitcasa. If had a decent connection I would have moved my files to amazon s3, which, by the way, is where bitcasa stores our files(I like to learn the inner working of things, aka, hacker). I bet you all that it would cost almost the same, if not less to mantain these files there for a year.

  79. Jeremy Hunt says:

    Very disappointed on this. I just canceled my subscription. I might have stayed but the mobile clients both lack important functionality and the mac & windows clients are buggy. Development is sooooooo slow on all fronts. Good luck bitcasa. Hopefully someone will buy the company that can actually meet expectations.


  80. leptitprince says:

    Fortunately I didn’t get the annual plan on Bitcasa so I’m starting to transfer my data out. By the next month my current monthly plan will be canceled…

    Eventually, it was too good to be true. Maybe it is a “hit ‘n’ run” situation to get money from annual plans and then … nothing…

  81. @pblakez says:

    Headless for me then I can start subscribing my clients samba (debian) servers which would be great

  82. Guys whatever you have planned with Bitcasa for Linux, do us all a BIIIG favour and don’t use a wine based solution.

    Teamviewer done it, and it’s HORID!!

    just a thought though :)

  83. slingshot says:

    1st. headleass
    2nd. daemon
    3rd. HTML5 application controlling daemon with API

    Same applies for Windows (service) and MAC, maybe also iOS and android

    Then you have only 1 GUI to maintain(or 2 if you go mobile), you can have an .exe and .dmg + appinstaller opening browser and autologon for less tallanted people.

  84. slingshot says:

    Sort order of comments is BROKEN.

  85. CyberCowboy says:

    Command line needed

  86. bitcasauserguy says:

    Can’t wait for this guys! +1

  87. Looking forward for GNU/Linux client. :)

  88. Diego says:

    Why don’t u use the multiplatform Kivy library for make the user interfaces? :)

  89. Søren Friis says:

    A plugin for ReadyNAS (x86 for me, but maybe also Sparc, ARM etc.) would be awesome!

  90. Lucas Montanari says:

    Just waiting for the ubuntu version of Bitcasa to Ubuntu to completely abandon windows……. come on guys!

  91. mlorch says:

    Headless would be great.

  92. Hi!

    Do you have any news about a Bitcasa client for Linux? Thanks!

  93. jb510 says:

    I’d love to see a full Linux client, but for me at least getting it running on my NAS (Synology) is way more important.

  94. kawaz says:


  95. blackphoenix says:

    yeah.. would be great. whether headless or not headless. and for arm! at the moment i am working with the alpha stuff. data loss.. what the hack. not more or less than with the windows client. i only use mirroring, because the other stuff does not work for me. either it eats my ram, or it crashes. although it crashes anyway sometimes. what the hack. at least mirroring does not eat my files; although file locking in windows is sometimes a pain in the ass. ARM linux client needed!

  96. willieb1172 says:

    I’d love a headless client!

  97. Definitely need a linux client. Headless would be great, so that it could just run as a service (act as a device) and is mountable to wherever. This currently keeps me from updating to infinite.

  98. whitelancer says:

    The ability to mirror folders on the windows client is amazing, and it’s something Dropbox/Box/Drive/SkyDrive/etc are missing. That is such a fantastic feature. My vote would be to have the ability to set up mirroring on a linux client in a similar fashion .. this would be fantastic to have working.

  99. Boobek says:

    Only a command line api to the services is ok.
    There is no need extra interface for a ‘simple’ remote drive.

  100. ftherese says:

    Found a copy of the former .deb client… It functions, so I don’t know what the bugs were that caused them to pull it.

  101. José Daley Alarcón Rangel says:

    A ver si podemos probar, y ya podre dar mi opinión

  102. 2xyo says:

    “We WILL have an update on Linux in the next few weeks and are aiming for a Q4 release!”

    By @BitcasaSupport 9:17 PM – 10 Oct, 13

  103. William says:

    A Headless linux client please that works on ubuntu and slackware :)

  104. Paul says:

    I would prefer the headless approach

  105. What’s up guys on the linux version headless or not ?
    Thanks for your work and your great service !!!

  106. CyberCowboy says:

    For those disgusted with the new pricing, lack of linux support, and general lack of communication, has an unlimited setup and supports Webdav so works with linux out of the box. Currently the unlimited storage space is $129/year, but they have a coupon code of ‘BITCASA’ to get the original $79/year price. I know what I’m doing instead of renewing.
    *Note: I am in no way affiliated with OpenDrive or Bitcasa*

  107. gurutech says:

    suggestions, based on how I use Linux:
    1 – Only have one instance of the bitcasa client running (per user). I login to computers remotely via RDP (more secure than VNC), so I do not always connect with the “console” session. Running multiple instances of the bitcasa client would just cause confusion and possibly corrupt my data.

    2 – Option to allow bitcasa to be run as a separate instance for each user on a Linux machine (ie. User1 has their own bitcasa account, and User2 has a separate account – both running at the same time); OR have it run in the background as a service with enough permissions to back up ALL configured user data (from User1 AND User2)

    3 – RPM and DEB installs

    4 – Universal mounting via /etc/fstab, OR per user (see #2 above)

    5 – BANDWIDTH THROTTLING!!!! No sense using my entire bandwidth to upload or download files during business hours. Off-hours is fine.

  108. flies says:

    Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It actually was once a leisure account it. Glance advanced to more added agreeable from you! By the way, how could we be in contact?

  109. Don says:

    =D great comment!
    Seems to fit perfectly to the current pace of development of the linux client… =D

  110. Jeremy Hunt says:

    This is a tightly watched thread. They really want to make sure that they get the Linux stuff right. They have really been dialoging with the community. I am positive that they have already taken the above comment and incorporated the feedback in to their development cycle. It is so good to be loved so much by a company that really cares about their paying Linux customers.

  111. trininox says:

    I avidly following everything Bitcasa posts, I don’t see evidence of what your saying.

  112. Jeremy Hunt says:

    I was being sarcastic. Obviously they don’t care and aren’t watching the thread because spam posts are showing up. Now, they have conveniently deleted it, but it was a post about fruit juice and it stayed for a few days. Thus Don’s statement about it fitting the current pace of development. There were a few other’s too. And there are a few others by better SPAM bots that are still showing. Gotta love SEO ghost posting 😛

    Disable the ability to post websites with comments BItcasa so we don’t have to read the SPAM bots.

  113. trininox says:


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