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Bitcasa Hits the Ground Running

It’s time to say goodbye to the hard drive. Only a month out of beta and Bitcasa has users in 114 countries enjoying the benefits of unlimited and secure storage across all of their devices. A big shout out to all Bitcasa’s Infinite Drive™ users for your continued support!

With infinite storage, comes infinite possibilities. Parents are uploading videos of their daughter’s first steps and sharing the moment with relatives across the globe with simple streaming. Busy college students are taking class notes on their PC and know that they will be instantly available on their tablet to study on their commute home.

With anywhere access, automatic backups and guaranteed privacy, it’s no surprise that Bitcasa has seen a jump in user data over the past month. And global interest is sure to grow as more people turn to a simpler digital life that allows them to save, access, and share their most precious memories and important documents without worrying about the gigabytes.

With a month of tremendous growth, we are confident that Bitcasa’s infinite storage and frustration-free sharing IS the future.

Please let us know how you are using Bitcasa. We would love to hear your stories.

Mar 05 2013


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36 thoughts on “Bitcasa Hits the Ground Running

  1. Viktor Basso says:

    Why on earth did you remove support for the Linux client!?

  2. Tony Watkins says:

    Your infrastructure may be frustration free, but having raised a request via your zendesk implementation, and latterly via your Facebook page, I would suggest that you spend some of the $8.5 million investment in service orientated people who actually want to deliver a service on your behalf… I believe you have an opportunity here, don’t waste it!

  3. I absolutely love what Bitcasa is trying to do and I applaud their efforts but for me there is one big issue and that’s the lack of FTP access.

    Don’t be so silly, right?

    Well I produce a lot of HD video content, always got my video camera on me and with a fast Internet connection something like Bitcasa would be perfect for storing my archived source footage. The problem though is that while the desktop clients will get better (mac still needs a lot of attention) I’m comfortable with FTP and trust it. If a transfer fails I can pick up where I left off, I have a trusted client (Transmit in my case), and I know when a transfer has finished or not, for real.

    It might sound silly but it would make the world of difference to me if FTP support was added and having now paid for unlimited storage I’d love to have an easy way to use it.

    Keep trying to change the world and you’ll get there in the end. :)

    • sushubh says:

      I might be wrong but FTP is not offered because of lack of encryption. Bitcasa client encrypt your data on your computer and break it into small bits to upload it to their servers. FTP would mean that the data is transferred insecurely and they would then have to process it on their servers. I could be wrong though.

      Personally, I would also like to have the convenience of FTP type uploads and downloads. The client does not currently offer a way to cache folders locally which is a major annoyance for someone like me.

    • Bitcasa says:

      Thanks George, great points. Definitely a good feature request, and we certainly hope to get there sometime. For now feel free to vote and comment on the forum here:

  4. Duy Bui says:

    How come the capability to sync folders between registered devices hasn’t been provided?

  5. Juliano Ferrari says:

    Estou usando o serviço recomendo…

  6. John says:

    I think, bitcasa early left out of beta. I still have issues when loading into the cloud.

  7. carlosaversaversa says:

    How I’m using? With a lot of caution and some fear about lost files and lack of feedback from PC client. I don’t feel yet 100% confident about reliability. But I love the idea!

  8. John West says:

    OK, I havent paid yet, but I reinstalled today and currently have had a vastly different experience from a month ago. Getting reasonable speed uploads, so far so good. If it holds tonight I’ll be paying tomorrow.

  9. Nuno P. says:

    Hi, After trying quite a lot of other online storage providers I landed on Bitcasa and opened a free account. The first impression was very good. I really enjoy the graphic interface on the web browser side. Also, the upload speeds into the Bitcasa “drive” were quite astonishing compared to any of my previous experiences – I was uploading directly from my NAS (Network Attached Server) to my Bitcasa account online at approximately 500kb per second, or so I thought. My optimism simply vanished when I realized that after uploading a few files into the Bitcasa “drive” they did not only took space on my laptop’s drive, but they’re taking an infinite amount of time to upload into Bitcasa servers. The ‘astonishing’ upload speeds I was experiencing was nothing but the wireless transfer speed from my NAS to my laptop’s hard drive! These files have been uploading for the past hour or so and they’re still uploading as I speak.

    My question is, how can Bitcasa claim that this is the end of hard drives if, in order to upload files to my account online, I must have them storage in the Bitcasa “drive” on my laptop? How can you even call this a drive if there is not a letter assigned to it? In fact, Bitcasa “drive” is nothing but a folder, or am I wrong?

    If I delete files and folders in my Bitcasa “drive” sitting on my laptop, will I delete everything I have stored online? Is this nothing but a syncing/backup service or is there any way I can have my files stored online without having to have them replicated on my side? Last but not the least, what is the real average upload speed that I will have if upgrading to a payed account?

    Thank you advance for taking time to review and for clarifying the above questions.

    • John West says:

      I am still on a free account, yesterday at my office I was able to sustain upload speeds above 10 Mb, peaking at 37.64 Mb for a 24 hour period. I filled my 10 GB in a test yesterday, deleting and adding back both large movie backup files and smaller desktop files.

      • Nuno P. says:

        Hi John, thank you for your reply. So that means that I may have a bottleneck on my side… I will try to see into that and will get back with an update.

        As to my other question, that confirms that the Bitcasa drive is not really a drive then, right? Meaning that if you drag or copy paste a file into it, it is just transferring from one folder of your computer (or an external storage device on your network) into another folder of your computer before uploading into Bitcase servers.

        As soon as the files that I’m currently copying are fully uploaded on Bitcasa servers I will delete them on my Bitcasa “drive” and will check if they’re still stored online. I will get back asap with news!

        • sushubh says:

          There are two ways of storing data on Bitacasa. One is to mirror an existing folder on your computer which is similar to how Dropbox etc. behave. Data remains on your system and online and is synced.

          The other way is to move/copy data to Bitcasa drive. This data is stored online and is not synced. You can use Bitcasa drive to directly save documents or photos etc. It would be slow to access because the data is stored online.

          Bitcasa uses local cache for Bitcasa Drive. But it is generally used when you are uploading or downloading something from the Bitcasa Drive.

          Anything you upload to Bitcasa is stored for the time your account is active. They have a history feature online that you can use to see how a particular folder looked in the past. So deleted files are accessible as long as your account is active.

  10. Throughput really needs to be improved. Upload speeds are unreliable, at best, and frequently slow. To make matters worse, unless I’m backing up a new folder, I have no idea how long it will actually take for that 33MB to be uploaded.

    The Android client also needs some major retooling. I can’t use it to upload folders (or at least easily select multiple files for upload), and half the time I’m sitting around, waiting for minutes on end for it to retrieve any data. Then there’s the fact that I can’t download any of the data. My only options are to view it in the app, or send the link. If I’m trying to pull an old photo from my library to send to a friend, I don’t want to go to all the trouble to find the photo, copy the URL into a message, send it to their phone, and then (*if* they have smartphone, not everyone does) have them follow that link, to a landing page, where they have the option to download the file. Seems like a lot of work if all I want to do is ask someone “hey, is this the picture you wanted me to print out?”

  11. Bitcasa says:

    Hi Nuno – Bitcasa is an “external drive” in the cloud. Anything you copy to the drive does not take up any space on your disk. To speed up read and write times, we do keep a “cache” on your local system, and this takes up disk space, but you can configure how much cache Bitcasa uses in your settings. When you delete files/folders in your Bitcasa Infinite Drive, this content will no longer be available online.

    Upload speeds vary, and are dependent on a multitude of factors, including your network connection, and how close you are to one of our edge nodes. We’re working on making more edge nodes available around the world to increase the upload speed for some users.

  12. I am using Bitcasa to store everything I own. My music collection is online so I can listen to them in any place and since it is unlimited, that means I have my ENTIRE collection of music and not limited space on my iPod Touch or Android. Also, I store my edited video files here too. It is an amazing service so far and unlike others, I don’t have any issue at all. Really, Bitcasa is a very very very good service I recommend to others.

  13. Martin says:

    “Parents are uploading videos of their daughter’s first steps and sharing the moment with relatives across the globe with simple streaming”. Is that a new feature? Whenever I try to share a photo/video with friends, it just provides “Download”- and “Add to your Bitcasa Drive”-Links. I want to show whole photo albums to my family/friends, who don’t have Bitcasa.

  14. Davidhood1978 says:

    Hi. Everything working fine for me and has been since day 1. I love this product! My whole movie and picture library has been uploaded and my numerous external drives ditched ( following a cathartic session with a sledge hammer! ).

    Go Bitcasa!

    David, United Kingdom

  15. Retina Update Please says:

    When will you issue a retina display update. The folder overlays look horrible. This is an extremely software update…simply add increased resolution icons. It is safe to assume there are a lot of paying MacBook Retina customers that are not pleased.

  16. BrienBear says:

    I canceled my subscription today. The lack of ability to throttle/control bandwidth usage is a no-go for me. I’m sad, too. I’d like to say this is a solid product, but I can’t even test it since anything I want to upload completely destroys my bandwidth and in a house where the internet is shared and used close to 24/7, I can’t hog the “pipes”. I’m going to revisit you though in a couple months, if I can remember, and hope for the best.

  17. I’m a Beta user since day one, and i’ve seen some apps work badly and others ok, but i’ve always seen progress. Currently, i’ve paid for a year and already can use it on a daily basis. Support has improved greatly.

    I wont use it with my clients yet, but i think that in a few months this will be awesome and stable to use with clients.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  18. IG72 says:

    Here in Slovenia, Europe, the Bitcasa upload troughput is terrible. Making more edge nodes available around the world to increase the upload speed (as suggested/confirmed) should be your high priority!

  19. BLOG SPAM ABOVE!!! lol

  20. Hi. I would like to provide an RSS feed of our family photo album on the infinite drive so everyone can see when new items are uploaded. is this possible?

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