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Monthly Archives: March 2013

World Backup Day – We Keep You Covered!

Did you know 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the US? That’s hundreds of photos, conversations, calendars and more, gone in an instant. Not to mention more than 60 million computers will fail worldwide in 2013.  But do the vast majority of people pay attention until their computer crashes or their phone goes for a swim?

World Back up Day, which takes place on Sunday, March 31 was dreamed up a student from Ohio after reading comments on the lack of backup awareness on social news site Reddit.

We took to the streets and asked people what they thought about backing up. See what they said in the video below…

At Bitcasa we tackle this problem differently – we automatically backup your data (no matter how much you have)  so you never have to worry! Just Bitcasa it!

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Mar 29 2013

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Bitcasa Tech

Making Storage a Cinch – Most Frequently Asked Questions

At Bitcasa, we’re here to help. Storing your stuff should be simple, so we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to make your Bitcasa user experience a cakewalk.

  • Oops, I deleted a file! Can I get it back? We’ve got you covered. We maintain a continuous record of all your changes to files and folders so you can always revert back to a previous version — down to the hour and minute. With these easy steps you can retrieve any deleted files.
  • My computer crashed, how do I restore my files? This year more than 60 million computers will fail worldwide. Lucky for Bitcasa customers, when your hardware fails, your data is always safe. With your new computer or phone, you simply install Bitcasa to instantly see all your precious documents, videos, photos again. Bitcasa’s customer support team shares how.
  • Does Bitcasa work with iTunes and iPhoto? Yes and yes! Backing up your photos from iPhoto and music from iTunes is as simple as dragging and dropping. In a few steps you can have your media files backed up to the cloud and not have to think twice about losing your pics or your tunes. Not only that, you can now access your music and photos from any device!

Don’t see your question here? Check out our support page for extra resources or contact our awesome support team.

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Mar 27 2013


Questions and tips

Bitcasa Recognized as One of the Coolest Cloud Storage Companies!


Among its many game-changing features, the cloud has inspired a new wave of innovation – one which drove us to invent the world’s first Infinite Drive.

Thank you CRN for the nice recognition as one of the coolest cloud storage companies of 2013! Our goal is simple — to enable consumers worldwide to enjoy secure infinite storage, anywhere access and automatic backup. Users can free up space by moving files from laptop and mobile devices into the Infinite Drive. With Bitcasa, users can stream & share everything instantly across all devices. In addition, Bitcasa is fully encrypted client-side, which means that unlike other services, our employees can’t access your data for any reason. We firmly believe that your files should be yours and yours alone until you share them with our instant Send to Friend links.

No more carrying around external hard drives, no more “time to clean your hard drive,”
no more worries about losing pictures on your phone. Bitcasa is the future of storage. Join us through our very special $69 offer at

Mar 21 2013


Bitcasa News

We can’t show and tell – Infinite Storage you can trust

We know it can be scary entrusting your most private and personal documents to the cloud, as opposed to a hard drive that is in your possession. But with Bitcasa you have nothing fear. We keep encrypted and redundant copies of everything you store in Bitcasa, using data centers that are 1,000 times more reliable than your PC. We firmly believe that your files should be yours and yours alone, privy only to the eyes you designate.

That’s why we encrypt your files the way we do—to ensure no one, as in, not a single person on the planet including Bitcasa employees, can ever see anything you have stored on your Infinite Drive unless you share it with them.

Here’s how our unique encryption method works. We disguise your data on your machine before it ever transfers to Bitcasa. We receive it only as a stream of encrypted blocks. We use enterprise-grade AES-256 encryption to protect your data. There are no humans involved in securing your files, and there are no exceptions to this rule. Our end-to-end encryption means users completely own the access rights to their data.

We don’t believe that storage providers should have the right to intrude on your private data or analyze the information you store. Just where do you think they get the information to deliver those creepy personalized ads?

And there you have it. Customer protection is our number one priority, and our customers deserve the utmost privacy. We’re unique in the file storage field in this respect, and it’s a position we are very proud to hold.

If you have any questions please let us know and we will do our best to respond to you as quickly as we can.

Mar 18 2013


Bitcasa Tech

Our Commitment to Improving the Bitcasa Experience

It has been just over a month since we came out of beta and the response has been overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who have supported us on this amazing journey…and this is just the beginning.

We are happy to let you know that we’ve doubled our customer support team to improve the timeliness of our response to your inquiries, and we are continuing to grow this team.

We have also made big steps to  improve download and upload times by adding a new data center on the East Coast.

Also, as our CEO mentioned in his last post, to keep you informed on our progress, we created three new forums: Known Issues, Resolved Issues, and Release Notes. There we plan to post about known issues, communicate our progress, and notify you when there is an update available for all apps. Also look out for our updated FAQ, which includes some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

The decision of who to trust with your personal data is an important one. It’s something we take seriously and I am confident we have the right team in place to help support you.

Infinite storage is the future and we are committed to ensuring you have the best experience that can be shared with your friends and family. Also, due to popular demand we have extended our special offer price of $69 for your first year. Take advantage of this offer for infinite storage through the end of March.

Thank for your continued support and let us know if you have any questions.

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Mar 15 2013


Bitcasa Tech

Back by popular demand – Infinite Storage for just $69

Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended our very special price of $69 until the end of March. This means, for a limited time, you can get your Infinite Drive for $69 a year. What else can you get infinitely for just $69 a year?  I can’t think of anything either.

This offer won’t be here forever, so sign up today at

Bitcasa allows you to:

  • Free up space on your laptop and mobile devices.
  • Instantly stream your media across all your devices.
  • Backup any folder with one click; and any past version is available when you need it.
  • In addition, Bitcasa is fully encrypted client-side, which means that unlike other services, no one else — not even our employees — can access your data for any reason.

Bitcasa is the future of storage. We’re glad to have you on board.

Mar 13 2013


Bitcasa News

Bitcasa Hits the Ground Running

It’s time to say goodbye to the hard drive. Only a month out of beta and Bitcasa has users in 114 countries enjoying the benefits of unlimited and secure storage across all of their devices. A big shout out to all Bitcasa’s Infinite Drive™ users for your continued support!

With infinite storage, comes infinite possibilities. Parents are uploading videos of their daughter’s first steps and sharing the moment with relatives across the globe with simple streaming. Busy college students are taking class notes on their PC and know that they will be instantly available on their tablet to study on their commute home.

With anywhere access, automatic backups and guaranteed privacy, it’s no surprise that Bitcasa has seen a jump in user data over the past month. And global interest is sure to grow as more people turn to a simpler digital life that allows them to save, access, and share their most precious memories and important documents without worrying about the gigabytes.

With a month of tremendous growth, we are confident that Bitcasa’s infinite storage and frustration-free sharing IS the future.

Please let us know how you are using Bitcasa. We would love to hear your stories.

Mar 05 2013


Bitcasa News