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New Features for Windows and Android

At Bitcasa, we’re constantly working to build the world’s best storage solution. We’ve made a few changes, and hope you enjoy them! We just released updates to our Mac Desktop and iOS App, featuring significantly improved performance and fixed a few quirks. Downloads and uploads are now much faster! Windows Desktop Windows XP is fully supported with this latest update. You also have greater control over how folders are mirrored. Android App You can upload any file on your phone to any Bitcasa folder and upload multiple files at once via the “Share” with Bitcasa menu. The folders view also supports file deletion and a few tweaks to improve battery consumption. android More changes are coming soon so keep an eye out! As always, if you have any questions or issues head over to Support, and we’d be happy to help. Thanks!
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Feb 14 2013


Android, App Update, iOS

10 thoughts on “New Features for Windows and Android

  1. Paul LeoGrande says:

    Where Can I find the change log?

  2. pm says:

    Is there also an update for Snow Leopard?

  3. Jin Kane says:

    It asked me about update short after the windows startup. When it killed explorer (windows gui process) permanently and asked me about the restart after mere update. What the hell? Is that what you call ‘native’ client for the system? Not even lame ported apps from other OS’s do that. Price for your product is maybe low, but the quality is the same.
    Windows 8, last Bitcasa update to Support is useless, so maybe other people will see that before buying.

  4. Have patience, they’ll solve the bugs eventually. Still a very good product for the money.

  5. martinjulhammer says:

    Useless, low quality. You guys sure are pi-… Less satisfied.

    I’ll admit that bitcasa is far from flawless. It freezes my computer, freezes transfer, encounter transfar errors, sometimes take long to log in, slow stream to desktop and so on.

    With all that said, it is an excellent product for almost no money. Infinite space + an app that is constantly upgraded and improved? That is a yes from me.

    If you dislike bugs, I understand you. Wait to invest in bitcasa until the bugs are ironed out. That is just my opinion at least.

    To the bitcasa team: Thanks for making an absolute excellent product – Can’t wait for the password protected folder feature 😉

  6. Steiner says:

    @Norbert — Good product for the money? I submitted a support request 11 days ago and it still says it is awaiting assignment to a support representative. I have lost some really important files by moving them over to the Unlimited Folder. At this point, I would just like a refund and to wait 6 months to see if they can figure it out. I get the idea of de-duping files, but I am not interested in losing personal files in the process.

    @martinjulhammer — Excellent product???? What are you storing in the folder? I uploaded ~40Gb of music and all that remains from that is about 9 albums. It seems to me that the folder is where bits go to die.

    • Damn, that sounds too bad :( I mostly store video files since I have evernote for documents and such. I have uploaded over 1TB now, and so far I haven’t been able to find any corrupted or deleted files. Maybe I’m just lucky.

      I understand you are angry because of your files. I would be too. To be honest, I haven’t transferred any personal files to bitcasa yet, and those I do have transferred I still keep a copy of on my local hard drive. And the reason for that, of course, is that I do not trust bitcasa enough yet to give them my personal files. I will in the future, no doubt, but until the app works WAY better they will only get generic redownloadable files from me.

      It’s strange about your ticket though… I have sent them 2 tickets in the past two months, and I always got an overnight response. It’s funny (okay, not really) how some costumers cruise through and others are left to wait for over a week…

  7. James says:

    I recently had extremely bad problems with windows 8 and windows 7 desktop client, So i set out to solve the issue. I couldn’t upload and videos were not playing in my browser. So i decided to try out the windows 8 App to see if it was any better. Still no luck. I felt like i was never going to find a solution. So i went and did a clean install of windows 7 and Windows 8 to see if it was a setting maybe that was causing the issue. This only fixed the Playback in the browser issue. I still could not transfer or upload, I was recently constant System freezes and crashes. I tried both the and the They both came up with the same problems. So i got really discouraged, i decided to try one last thing before giving. I installed Windows Xp Pro (Service Pack 3), And This fixed 100 percent of my problems. I can upload flawlessly, i can watch videos stutter and lag free. My client no longer freezes or crashes at all. This was my miracle to solve, all my issue but just downgrading my windows. Seems the other windows still need alot of compatibility work. But i thought i would let you all know that windows Xp works amazing, anybody willing to take a downgrade in windows should try it. You will definitely be suprised how smooth and great it runs on xp. Like a whole different Program. Anyways, sorry your all still having issue. Hope This helps, and I still have not found a fix to newer windows issue. Guess ill have to wait for an update to the desktop client and see if it comes with fixes!

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