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The End of Beta as You Know It.

Today we are excited to announce that Bitcasa is out of Beta! Check out our newest iOS and Mac apps that we just launched today. We’ve even spruced up our Android, Windows, RT, and Web clients! To celebrate this occasion, we’re offering a limited time offer of $69 for infinite storage for one year. Act quickly because the regularly scheduled pricing of $99 per year goes back into effect in March.

  Bitcasa killed the hard drive. Its dead, Jim. [vimeo w=500&h=313] We have tons of development in the works, so stay tuned this week for blog posts on each of our updated product features. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!

Feb 06 2013


App Update, Bitcasa News

29 thoughts on “The End of Beta as You Know It.

  1. ruben2000de says:

    I still miss a good Linux-client…without no purchase 😉

  2. CommenterCA says:

    it’s a day late, is it also a dollar short?

  3. This is cool. Already installed on my Macbook (hopefully performance has improved) and on my iPhone. Nice looking apps, fairly friendly, and lots of features. Already upgraded and paid.

    Love the mirroring option. Just started mirroring on one of my work folders. If this works OK it’ll be HUGE.

    Looking forward to more great stuff.

    • bitcasablog says:

      Awesome, thanks Yisrael!

    • Ron Carter says:

      I can’t get the folder to mirror. I have a MacBook Pro, I click and drag the folder to “Mirrored Folder” and a circle with a slash though it shows. I tried the C drive and that didn’t work, then tried a folder and that didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Venk says:

    Good going Bitcasa! I have just signed up for an account.

  5. odessa says:

    Me too just signed up. It’s upset to get problem that was ok in beta..
    Hope bitcasa will fix it soon.

  6. Joao says:

    Maybe you should have a more stable version before start charging… as an example look at this issue…

    I have tryed many times to upload my pictures but as it gets stuck frequently and it has been a nightmare to get them to bitcasa infinite drive

    Please dont take me wrong, the product is great and I am interested in buying the 1 year plan… just think its not ready yet…

  7. whoever says:

    The project looks very interesting. As soon as a good linux client is existing, I will test everything for myself! Good job!

  8. Croissant says:

    Can’t reset my password (error 500). Now can’t login, because my password was changed, and new password not given to me.
    Can’t upgrade to paid account (Bitcasa doesn’t login there
    Nothing works. Wanted to buy a year of service.

    Need new password now. Can’t access my files anymore because of bad service.

  9. Jonas says:

    Dear bitcasa team,

    I really like your idea and the way you designed bitcasa.

    When I got to know the first version I liked your offer, but when I first installed the client I missed one of my most used features, social sharing of a folder as a very simple and basic way of collaborating in projects.

    I though OK, then still got dropbox for that and used bitcasa for my Disseratation, which I do by myself only, but I use two different computers at least and potentially also my iPad for, but now I see that this will not work anymore with the new client.

    That’s really sad. There were already some issues in the beta like problems with synchronzing, which raised some doubts regarding the value for money, but now there is no real useful scenario for me anymore.

    I would really like to keep on using bitcasa and I will stay with you as a free user, but I wil change my projects to dropbox and I am more likely now than ever paying them for a premium.

    Best regards,


  10. Lips Mool says:

    Your service is down… Upload speed is terrible…

    • codydaig says:

      Remember, upload speeds are only as fast as your internet connection. To give you an idea, if you have a 5Mb upload speed it would take about 15 hours to upload 30GB of data.

  11. Dominik says:

    Bitcasa does not accept my password anymore & password recovery is leading to error 500 pages (so same error like croissant few postings above).

  12. Dominik says:

    Logged in instead of – password was right & after it, also the client accepted the password.

  13. […] ist ein neues Cloud Storage Service, das heute, wie in deren Blog verlautbart, die Beta Phase verlassen […]

  14. odessa says:

    Where I can find chat support as advertised? When it will be available?

  15. Jim, did I say the disk is dead? Forget it, bring back the disk, beam it aboard. Upload speed is so bad that it must be in negative warp speed.

    Bitcasa is still a pretty cool idea, but until they get the speed issue worked out, it’s not too useful. The “other guys” have much better transfer speed. I was really expecting a transfer rate much better than 6 KB/sec once Bitcasa got out of beta.

  16. Joshua says:

    Mac client keeps crashing, IOS app on ipad and iphone wont load, (i deleted a file) now they open and crash instantly, have removed and reinstalled.

    Upload speed is herrendous, download speed is shocking. Was / am really excited about the service but in its current state today it is unusable! – sorry, and i feel i just wasted my money.

  17. Krishna says:

    I feel bad for purchasing this crap… $50 thrown in the trash can… The feature I most needed, sync, removed. The client crashing on my mac. The terrible upload speed on windows client… No one answers the support requests… Totally wasted money…. And It seemed a good option on beta phase…

    Back to crash plan not so promising but at least reliable….

    • Lozbo says:

      what does bit casa staff say about this? What’s keeping me from upgrading is the fear of the company going bankrupt next month or disappearing after some time…

  18. Ron Carter says:

    I can’t get the folder to mirror. I have a MacBook Pro, I click and drag the folder to “Mirrored Folder” and a circle with a slash though it shows. I tried the C drive and that didn’t work, then tried a folder and that didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  19. Tonyo says:

    Will Beta users still retain the 50% off pricing after the year is up? I would love to be a Bitcasa users for years, not just a year. By the time my year is up, I’m sure there will be other cloud offerings popping up here and there with better pricing. I don’t want to bounce from offering to offering because of price. Hopefully Bitcasa will either lower their yearly price, or give Beta testers the discount for life.

  20. Oh too bad I did not know the service, I could have bought eleven days ago 😐

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