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Monthly Archives: February 2013

New Features for Windows and Android

At Bitcasa, we’re constantly working to build the world’s best storage solution. We’ve made a few changes, and hope you enjoy them!

We just released updates to our Mac Desktop and iOS App, featuring significantly improved performance and fixed a few quirks. Downloads and uploads are now much faster!

Windows Desktop
Windows XP is fully supported with this latest update. You also have greater control over how folders are mirrored.

Android App
You can upload any file on your phone to any Bitcasa folder and upload multiple files at once via the “Share” with Bitcasa menu. The folders view also supports file deletion and a few tweaks to improve battery consumption.


More changes are coming soon so keep an eye out! As always, if you have any questions or issues head over to Support, and we’d be happy to help. Thanks!

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Feb 14 2013


Android, App Update, iOS

New iOS App & Updated Bitcasa for Mac!

This week, we are excited to announce the End of Beta with availability of some new products, with big improvements to our existing ones! Check out the new Mac and iOS features below:

New Mac App

Infinite Drive large copy

The new Mac Infinite Drive experience is here! This Mac-friendly Bitcasa Infinite Drive lives on your desktop. Move stuff to the drive to free up space on your computer, or “mirror” folders on your computer to your drive for automatic and continuous backup. Similar to the previously released Windows desktop app, users will notice a very simplified user experience, with the ability to easily send files to anyone, as well as access all files on any other device.

iOS App

iPhone Homescreen

With the Bitcasa app for iOS, you can view and share all your photo albums and documents, watch movies, and listen to music. Users can auto-backup their camera to save pictures and videos to their Bitcasa Infinite Drive automatically. Users can also “Favorite” items to download them locally so they are available offline without a data connection.

Check out this awesome video of what you can do with iTunes on Bitcasa:


Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Android or Windows user? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Stay tuned for a post tomorrow.

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Feb 06 2013


App Update, iOS

The End of Beta as You Know It.

Today we are excited to announce that Bitcasa is out of Beta! Check out our newest iOS and Mac apps that we just launched today. We’ve even spruced up our Android, Windows, RT, and Web clients!

To celebrate this occasion, we’re offering a limited time offer of $69 for infinite storage for one year. Act quickly because the regularly scheduled pricing of $99 per year goes back into effect in March.


Bitcasa killed the hard drive. Its dead, Jim.

[vimeo w=500&h=313]

We have tons of development in the works, so stay tuned this week for blog posts on each of our updated product features. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!

Feb 06 2013


App Update, Bitcasa News

Updated Bitcasa Web Access Experience

Hello Bitcasa users!

Today we released an updated Bitcasa Web Access experience. We’ve redesigned the look and feel to make your content really stand out. All the same features are still there – with some new ones added. This is a big first step as we turn the Bitcasa web experience into a fully featured media player, file viewer, and web-based file manager.

You can find it on a friendly new URL:

Plus, delete is here!


So what’s next?

  • Create folders, rename files and folders, move items, copy to, etc. (full featured file system operations)
  • Continue to support playing more and more formats of video, music, and documents
  • Better sorting and arrangement of your files within music, photos, and videos view
  • Ability to “restore” files and folders from versions
  • Improved account management, share link management, etc.
  • And much more.

Check out some screenshots below, and let us know what you think!



doc viewer


Go back in time to recover old or deleted files with “Versions”:


Upload to any folder in your Infinite Drive:


Check it out today!

Feb 01 2013

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App Update, Web Access