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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Bitcasa Android App

We launched our Android App a few weeks ago, and have been thrilled with the adoption and positive feedback since launch. The Bitcasa Android App delivers a great experience for viewing and accessing all your content stored on Bitcasa while on the go. Get it here!

Instead of simply building a file viewer, we decided that the ability to actually play entire music albums or songs by a a given artist was important; same with viewing your photo albums and photos. We automatically group together your major media categories: music, photos, documents, and videos for easy viewing:


Music Album

Photo Album

Video landscape

Navigating to your “Folders” view allows you to view the contents of your Bitcasa Infinite Drive:


In addition, you can “Favorite” your most commonly accessed files to keep a copy local on your phone. This way, you can access your stuff when you’re away from a network, like on an airplane, and play your files with other media players:


The app also lets you automatically upload pictures and videos straight to your Bitcasa account.

Connect Camera

We put in some protections for your data plan into the Settings menu (Only Upload / Download of WiFi) but these can be turned off if you would like to upload or download over cellular network.

So what’s next? Well, we’re just getting started. We’re listening to your feedback and are working on the following as you read this:

  • Multi-file uploads through the “Share” menu
  • Uploading from within the app
  • Delete of files / folders
  • Improved video and music players to support more formats and file types
  • Continuing to improve and speed up the performance

Got other ideas? Leave them in the comments, or submit a feature request on our support site.

Not an Android user? iOS App is coming this month. We understand your frustrations, and are trying to release as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Jan 21 2013

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