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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Bitcasa Update and Chrome Extension Launch

Hey everyone –

It has been a while, so we want to take a moment to update everyone on how it’s going here in sunny Mountain View, CA!

Things are going well at Bitcasa, the team is growing, and as you probably know we launched our open Beta for MacOS, Windows, and Linux this past June.

We are constantly working to improve the desktop product, and also working on developing some really cool apps to live up to our “Infinite Storage Everywhere” credo.

As part of that “be everywhere” strategy, we launched a browser extension for Google Chrome today, which can be downloaded here. ┬áThe extension allows you to save files you find on the web straight to Bitcasa.


We’d also love to hear how things are going for all our beta users. ┬áDrop us a line in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Until next time, stay infinite my friends.


Product Manager, Bitcasa

Aug 15 2012

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